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Bulldog jumps in Dad’s arms for slow dance

Bulldogs are a breed which on the surface seem to be the grumpiest of not only the dogs, but the whole animal kingdom.

The reason for this is their drooping, almost frown-like face. Its not their fault, they can’t control it!

In fact, anyone who actually knows Bulldogs would tell you that they are in fact some of the most loving, friendly and generous dogs you can get.

They may have a bad case of permanent grumpo-face…

…But they more than make up for it with love for their parents.

One pooch in particular shows the utmost love for her Dad…

All it takes is for Dad to play Elton John’s classic romance hit, “Something About The Way You Look Tonight”, and Penny the pooch comes running into his arms.

Not only that, but she even extends one paw out for Dad to grab while they slow dance to their favorite song.

You should know about Bulldogs:

As describes, Bulldogs have come a long way since their initial breeding purpose of “bullbaiting”, a violent, archaic sport. They have come far from their often inaccurate depictions in the media.

“Despite cartoon depictions of them as ferocious dogs, today’s Bulldogs are bred to be affectionate and kind…Bulldogs love people.

They seek people out for attention and enjoy nothing more than languishing next to their masters, and perhaps snoring while sleeping with their heads in their laps.”

Well, it seems like Penny is more ready to rest her head on Dad’s shoulders than on his lap!

Softly and gently, the two go around and around.

As if they’re the only couple on the dance floor, they slowly waltz together.

What a touching connection these two have to be so sweetly dancing together. It’s obvious that they have a very special connection indeed.

The way her paw rests upon his shoulder…

Well, they say it’s a dog’s life, and looking at the absolute bliss on Penny the English Bulldog’s face, you can see what the phrase is referencing.

It’s very clear that Penny would rather be nowhere else.

It’s not all Dad with the moves!

This daring routine isn’t all Dad leading the way, Penny has a few tricks up her sleeve yet!

When the song reaches a peak, she throws her head back as if to let Dad give her a deep, romantic dip.

Move over Gomez and Morticia, there’s a new family favorite dance couple.

If they ever make “So You Think You (And Your Dog) Can Dance”, we know who’d take first place!

You guessed right, it’s Penny and her father, and their dance group would probably be called the Penny Fatherings.

Ok, maybe I’ll leave the P.R. to someone else, but we all know who’s getting our votes in hat competition show.

May we all foster a relationship like this with our own pets.

It’s clear that this kind of relationship was founded on a few fundamentals.

The first is a mutual love for one another, something you see in the closest pet and owner relationships.

The other is a deep and profound love of Elton John. You get those two things and BOOM! Daddy, Daughter-Doggy Dance time!

Watch the full video below to enjoy this adorable Daddy, Daughter-Doggy Dance!

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