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Bus driver busts the moves for dance party with little girl

It’s moments like this that make the world a most wonderful place. <3 For a long time after Taylor Swift released her hit song, “Shake It Off,” people young and old were busting a move to it. With its catchy tune and empowering lyrics, even today it might have you still reaching for your dancing shoes. Really, think you can resist? A video’s going viral that features the most adorable scene – a bus driver and a little girl boogying down to the Taylor Swift track. It’s currently circulating the internet and making everyone say “aww.” [quads id=1]

The impromptu dance party took place on a bus in Orlando, Florida during one family’s trip.

Brette-Ashley is a New York photographer and also the mom of the girl in the video.

They were riding the bus when “Shake It Off” suddenly came through the speakers

Her daughter, Emerson, was a huge fan of the song (like countless others) – so she decided to let the bus driver know as they were about to exit.

But instead of just waving goodbye to Emerson or telling her “I like it too,” the driver chose to make her day.

Out of the kindness of his heart, he cranked up the Taylor Swift tune and began dancing along (showing the tot he was a fan as well).

Luckily, Emerson wasn’t afraid to show off her moves either!

Together, they transformed the front of the bus into their own nightclub and danced like “no one was watching.”

The bus driver slaps his thigh getting into the dance and Emerson “shakes” her hips to the song.

“Shake it Off” appeared on Swift’s album titled 1989, which incredibly sold more than 1.2 million copies in the U.S. the first week, according to SongFacts.

The video alone featuring the artist “shaking it off” in a variety of scenes has more than 2.8 billion views on YouTube!

Brette-Ashley filmed the dancing duo from just steps away. It was so sweet and she was so blown away by the driver’s actions, that she decided to share the video on Facebook.

She wrote:

“Favorite moment from our trip so far 😍 Before getting off the bus Emerson went up to our bus driver and said “this is my favorite song”!!! I’m sure he has a crazy schedule to keep but he stopped everything and blasted the music as loud as he could and well… they both jammed out to #taylorswift ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”

Although she wasn’t aware of the bus driver’s identity at the time, the mom closed her post with words of appreciation.

“Thank you Mr. Bus Driver for making our little girls day !!! #heartbreakersgonnabreak #shakeitoff #feelgoodmoment #spreadkindness”

Brette-Ashley first posted the video a couple of years ago, but much to her surprise, it went viral in 2020! After discovering the news she shared the following online:

“My phone is blowing up… apparently this video of Emerson is going viral all the sudden!!!”

The video of Emerson and the bus driver is putting a smile on a lot of internet users’ faces. It’s just that darn cute.

One woman commented:

“I could watch this a million times and it would never get old to me. Precious on all levels. Thank you for sharing. You’ve helped brighten the day of so many people.”

Another viewer commented:

“Absolutely love this video. Reminds me to enjoy the small moments because they will become the best memories”

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