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Butterfly opens into magical “hat” on baby’s head

Going to the zoo typically leads to a memorable day for the entire family, where everyone gets a glimpse into the beauty of nature.

As one set of parents discovered, it’s a good idea to keep your camera handy too.

The video below was captured at San Diego Zoo’s annual Butterfly Jungle event.

While getting an up-close experience with butterflies is to be expected – the couple couldn’t help but be amazed when one of the creatures landed on their baby’s head.

She doesn’t seem to know that it’s even there.

Dad’s filming his daughter as she’s being held by her mommy, and right on top of her head is a giant butterfly.

At first, it’s nothing extraordinary. But once the insect starts flapping its gorgeous blue wings the sight turns magical.

The baby looks around, oblivious to the fact that she has a winged-visitor stopping by to say hello.

Instead, she appears mesmerized by her sibling who’s making funny noises in the background.

It does give mom a chance, however, to observe the butterfly from only inches away.

The San Diego Zoo puts on the Butterfly Jungle event each year at their Safari Park.

According to the zoo’s website, they import the insects ahead of time from butterfly farms in South and Central America, while they are still in the pupa stage.

Visitors then get to enjoy the greenhouse exhibit during spring, which has thousands of beautiful butterflies!

She’s even wearing the perfect outfit for the whole experience.

Mom dressed her baby that morning in a cute shirt that’s covered in butterflies.

Little did she know at the time, her daughter would have one sitting on top of her head as well!

When the wings are closed it almost looks like the girl has a funny hairstyle or is wearing a hat.

But after the butterfly stretches them out – it goes from comical to magnificent.

Another interesting aspect is the large size of the insect, which can be seen in comparison to the baby’s head. It’s not every day you see one so incredibly big!

On the San Diego Zoo Safari Park website, they share the following fascinating butterfly facts:

“They taste with their feet and have a suction tube for a mouth.

Their eyes have thousands of lenses and see flowers in ultraviolet light. During their lives, each butterfly transforms from caterpillar to pupa to fluttering adult.”

Butterflies also represent different things in different cultures – from joy to transformation, to good fortune. According to The Mind Fool, in Japan, they’re “a symbol of the soul.”

The entire video is precious, so it’s not surprising that it spread across the internet.

Dad films and talks to the baby while she unknowingly hangs out with her butterfly friend.

And in the background – you can hear their other child singing a unique version of the Barney theme song (with a butterfly twist). Seriously, it’s all pretty darn cute!

One viewer commented:

“That is just the sweetest cameo I’ve ever seen ….”

Sure, the baby had no clue what was going on – but at least her dad hit record so she could enjoy watching it in the future.

Another viewer wrote:

“Beautiful adorable baby and the butterfly too”

Press play on the video below to see the fantastic footage for yourself!

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