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Carrie Underwood turns “O Holy Night” into a masterpiece

What would the holiday season be without brand new performances from our favorite artists – especially of the most classic Christmas songs…

Singer Carrie Underwood has given the world an amazing present this year with the release of her album titled My Gift.

The tracklist is made up of heartwarming Christmas tunes (covers and originals), which are perfect for making the season brighter!

But that’s not the only “present” Underwood gave to fans.

The Grammy award-winning country star also has an HBO Max special called My Gift. In it, she beautifully brings Christmas songs from her album to the stage.

Underwood says the following in the special’s trailer:

“For Christmas, I feel like it was always about just us being together. So, more than anything, I wanted to make this album full of so much love, and so much heart, and we wanted to bring it to life in a visual way.”

Another one of Ms. Underwood’s Christmas performances is spreading joy as well.

Just recently, Carrie Underwood was the musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

For the December episode, she sang a rendition of the holiday favorite “Oh Holy Night.”

As to be expected with the superstar – her performance was nothing less than breathtaking!

Fallon had the chance to interview Underwood about My Gift.

While most of us don’t listen to Christmas music until the holiday season – the singer has been surrounded by festive tunes all year long because of the album. She told Fallon:

“I have been living in Christmas land all of 2020, which is a much better place than being in 2020 itself!”

In addition to some originals, My Gift contains traditional songs like “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Silent Night.”

There’s even an unforgettable duet of “Little Drummer Boy” that Underwood created with her son Isaiah!

When it comes to selecting songs for the album, Underwood explained:

“There are a kajillion songs to choose from, and so many that I feel like all of us have just sang our whole lives.

So I just picked some of the ones that I knew I couldn’t live without. You know, it’s like, I have to do “Oh Holy Night,” I have to do “Silent Night,” “Away in a Manger…”

Underwood’s Late Night Show performance of “Oh Holy Night” turned out magical.

In the video, the songstress is on a darkened stage with a beautiful shining star in the background. She’s also accompanied by several musicians.

It’s not uncommon for Underwood’s voice to leave people chilled – but just wait until you hear it paired with the heavenly classic.

The song, of course, is about the night that Jesus Christ was born.

A short time in, the night-sky backdrop lights up with a million stars.

Everything about Underwood’s performance is simply “divine,” perhaps why it has over 200K views on YouTube already.

And how does she do with the high notes? Well, it’s Carrie Underwood. The powerhouse nails them incredibly!

One viewer wrote:

“Phenomenal – actually takes your breath away when she hits those notes.”

Another person commented:

“This is the most beautiful Christmas song, and Carrie just took it over the top. Made me teary and gave me that Christmas vibe. What a beautiful rendition. 💜💜💜🙏”

You can watch the country artist’s magnificent performance of “Oh Holy Night” for yourself below!

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