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Child with autism breaks records by making world’s biggest Titanic replica out of 56,000 Legos

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Some truly impressive things have been made out of Lego. But this 10-year-old has managed to build something that has broken records.

Everyone loves Lego. It’s the ultimate toy. The opportunity to play with Lego again is probably one of the main reasons why people choose to have kids.

But when it comes to Lego, no kid excels at it like Brynjar Karl.

Karl is from Iceland. At first, Karl developed like any other child.

But by the age of three, it became apparent that he was different.

“Suddenly, I couldn’t say all the things I wanted to say.

All the words I had learned disappeared into a fog […] I changed from a happy boy into an unhappy and lonely boy.” – Brynjar Karl.

For the next two years, this confusion continued. At the age of five, Karl’s parents took him to a specialist doctor.

Soon, the doctor had diagnosed Karl with autism.

Karl’s parents and teachers were able to make changes that benefitted Karl’s development, such as teaching him with pictures instead of words.

Autism made Karl excel and become an expert in several areas.

He could create incredible things out of Lego. And ships fascinated him. So he studied ships in great detail.

Naturally, Karl then combined his skill with Lego and passion for ships.

By the age of 10, Karl had become an expert on The Titanic.

Of course, everyone knows what The Titanic is. But Karl knows everything about it.

Then Karl decided to make a scale model of The Titanic out of Lego. The scale that he would work to was as if a typical Lego man was an average-sized human.

Karl began studying The Titanic blueprints in greater detail than ever before. Then Karl’s grandfather helped him devise a strategy for building the model.

So Karl began raising enough money online to buy the Lego bricks that he needed. In all, he needed 56,000 pieces.

When he had purchased the bricks, Karl got to work.

Over the next 11 months, Karl spent a total of 700 hours building his replica.

The final ship is six and a half meters long. It is the world’s largest replica of The Titanic

And during the construction of the Lego Titanic, Karl discovered something crucial.

“I learned what really drove me to the finish line.” – Brynjar Karl.

He learned that he needed to believe in himself.

He learned that he needed the right team to get him to completion. In his case, it was his family. And lastly, he learned to never give up.

Karl was 11 when he completed his Titanic.

He is now in high school. He aims to become a sea captain when he grows up.

It’s obvious that Karl has the drive, passion and skill to become a captain. His Lego Titanic project has taught him that it is within reach.

The teenager has also shared his message and story with others.

In 2016, he gave a well-received TED Talk. Online people have been saying things like this about him:

Clearly, Karl is inspiring other people to succeed, no matter what. And that, like his Titanic replica, is an incredible achievement.

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