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Chipmunk feasts with doe and fawn like they’re a family in precious video

Sometimes, the best friendships also turn out the be the most unlikely ones, and that’s something that can be seen in the animal kingdom.

Dogs getting along with cats or entirely different animals is actually more common than someone might think.

But even wild animals like to surprise us from time to time.

A video of a doe and her fawn having a meal was posted on YouTube.

As if that wasn’t cute enough, they’re actually welcomed by an unlikely friend, a chipmunk.

The three of them are having dinner together as if they are a small family.

It was quite the woodland dinner feast, and the two deer found themselves a table that had food on it – probably by the person who took the video.

There was some kind of nut on the table and it clearly had a strong smell, because this doe and an adorable fawn quickly found their way to this delicious meal.

It was posted by the channel Deer Trail, which, unfortunately, no longer posts sweet videos such as these, although there are still plenty to discover.

The state of Minnesota actually banned the act of leaving food for wild deer.

Perhaps because it was too dangerous for the animals as they can be susceptible to food disease.

“Feeding and attractant bans are in place across the state to prevent concentrations of wild deer in areas with a higher risk for disease. These bans are precautionary steps the DNR took after deer that tested positive for chronic wasting disease were found both in the wild and on deer farms,” the Department of Natural Resources states on their website.

In any case, we still have this amazing video to look at, and it actually starts with the chipmunk smelling something in the area.

This chipmunk, a little bit away from the table, definitely smells something.

It has got to be the container full of some kind of nut on the table.

At first, the chipmunk didn’t really seem overly interested in this treat that was before him and tried eating a little bit of the other available snacks.

The chipmunk gets the attention of the deer, and they all seem very interested in what’s for dinner.

At first, these two actually sniffed around the table and were focused on a particular tree, but then they decided to see if the chipmunk would allow them to ‘his’ table.

It’s logical that the chipmunk has claimed the place as his own since they mostly rely on nuts for their food intake.

Furthermore, they also hibernate during the winter, and seeing a table full of these nuts is the absolutely perfect opportunity to stack up and perhaps bring a few nuts to his sleeping place.

They don’t hibernate in one go but wake up on occasion to eat a little of the food they’ve stored.

Deer are a lot less picky when it comes to food, but there are some dangers for food-related diseases, which is why the feeding practices were banned.

Aside from all kinds of nuts, deer and their fawn will gladly feast on leaves, mushrooms, fruit, and weeds.

The chipmunk welcomes the deer to eat alongside him, and it’s a precious sight to behold.

They’re having a meal together as if they were a family! The doe even makes sure to give the little animal some attention too, as a thank you. Mother nature is definitely something very special and beautiful.

“Look at the chipmunk up in there without a care in the world. So cute.” one person commented.

“Cool to see the chipmunk just chilling on the table, and not caring about the deer getting so close to it. We’re use to thinking of them fleeing at the smallest things, but they obviously have a clear threat recognition system.”

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