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Claire melts hearts singing beloved Christmas classic

Every Christmas, there are some songs that most of us love to play over again.

These are Christmas songs that are never too old as they remain classic in our ears and our hearts.

These songs also make us feel the Christmas spirit more.

Claire Ryann Crosby warmed the hearts of many people with her passionate cover of the Christmas song Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Ever since it was posted on their YouTube channel – The Crosbys, it has become a big hit. As of this writing, the video has gained more than 850,000 views.

Up to this day, her amazing cover will still give you that Christmas feels and despite all the chaos that have been going on around us, this song cover of Claire would somehow make us feel a lot better.

For sure, you’ll get delighted once you watch Claire’s video.

It’s because she was also with her mother, Ashley, who plays the piano as she sings.

It’s such a nice mother-and-daughter performance.

Aside from that, you will notice that behind Claire, there’s a Christmas tree that makes the entire video more sentimental.

She sings every line with emotion and lots of people could feel that.

“You can see the love between Claire and her mom….it is so so sweet. Whenever Claire sings with her parents she looks at them with such pride and love. She is the sweetest little angel,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter said:

“Omg. Doesn’t get anymore perfect than that. You’re beautiful inside and out. Mama too. Brought a tear to my eye. Love all of ya. Merry Christmas.”

It’s just so pure and so heartwarming.

It’s also great to see that at a young age, Claire can already sing with confidence and passion.

Thanks to her parents who have been supporting her ever since then.

No wonder why millions of people have been supporting this family too.

They already have 3.2 million subscribers and most of the videos they have posted have been watched by many people millions of times.

As for Claire, she has already covered other songs and she sang all of them beautifully.

She deserves all the support that she has been getting.

The recent Christmas song that she covered is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and she did it with her father Dave.

Just like her old videos, it is something that will make you smile.

To see a talented child sing is definitely nice but to see the child does what she loves with her parents just like Claire – is beyond inspiring.

What a talented family!

Watch the video below to treat your ears with a sweet cover from Claire!

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