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College duo becomes champions with ‘too smooth’ winning dance routine

If you’ve ever seen professional swing dance, then you know how energetic and fun it can be to see.

But you might not have known that there are a lot of styles of swing dance, each with their own telltale signs and styles.

That’s why dance lovers across the world are always looking for the next big swing star to show them how far this style can go.

Well, this video from the 2020 National SHAG Dance Championships might just be the next big thing.

This young couple took the stage to show off one style of swing dance

Their names are Ivy Claire Huiet and Jonathan Kemp. Even while being young and still in their college studies, they are already turning heads as top-level swing stars.

Not only do they look great, but as you’ll see when the music starts, they make amazing dance partners.

They didn’t just win over the judges, they also won over…

This video has been viewed over 29,000 times ever since its first posting and that number rises every day as new dance fans fall in love with these two.

Some commenters were so awestruck that they could only comment with the words “Bravo”.

Ivy and Jonathan are spectacular and dance fans will see why once the music starts.

Audiences howl when they watch the couples intimate opener

The dance begins when Jonathan holds onto Ivy.

They swing their hips and sway side to side as the first notes come up.

It’s a brief but tender moment that kicks off the incredible chemistry between these performers.

As the music picks up, their fancy footwork begins

It’s hard to focus on all the details, but early on their feet and legs are the real star of the show.

Check out how their knees bend and how often they tiptoe and kick around each other’s movements.

We can’t imagine the hard work it took to make this happen, but their footwork is absolutely stunning.

Jonathan does an incredible job

He is the type of dance partner who works together to make a routine really shine.

He’s never too far behind or ahead of Ivy so that both of them can share the spotlight. His twirls and squats are especially fun to see.

Jonathan even has a standout solo performance that really highlights how incredible he really is.

Let’s not forget that Ivy is equally amazing

Ivy’s contributes smooth moves and grace to the performance.

She also has this charming smile that competes with the fancy footwork for the audience’s attention and love.

She’s the ideal costar to Jonathan, without a doubt.

But what audiences love most is how she doesn’t let the height difference affect her one bit as she’s equally a star on stage.

You gotta love seeing their passion

We may not know how much time and practice this routine took to master, but what audiences can see is how much fun they’re having.

Look at their big warm smiles and their body language that practically shines with positive energy.

These performers aren’t just here to win the championships, they are there because they love to dance.

They are the champions

How do you think the crowd reacted to this stellar performance?

As you can guess, they exploded with cheers. Clapping, hollering, and awestruck smiles were all across the dance floor once these two wrapped up their performance.

Just look at their warm embrace to see how meaningful the reactions were to Jonathan and Ivy.

But the big story is that these two went on to become the champions, winning the Junior II Division Championship.

It’s easy to see why as they show off what makes Shag Dance so special.

You’re never too young to…

These young dancers show that you can be a champion if you have passion and practice.

So if you know someone with dreams of dance success, encourage them to check out the video below to see what they could do.

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