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Colossal sea lions “borrow” hilariously tiny boat

The summer season brings in the boating season but it’s not only humans who enjoy sailing over water.

The residents around the Eld Inlet in Olympia, Washington were surprised, amused, and concerned. All those feelings in that same sequence.

Two sea lions were enjoying their time in the inlet not by swimming, but by lounging over a boat.

Josh and Larry Phillips witnessed the surreal event.

The man behind the camera ran out of words as two colossal sea lions perched themselves on the rear end of the boat. And no, it’s not a toy boat.

It’s a 40-foot sloop-rigged sailboat that looked small compared to its unexpected passengers.

Josh and Phillips locked their camera on the said boat as they sailed past it.

They were laughing in the background until one of them said:

“I don’t think the boat owner will like sea lions anymore.”

And with good reason. He would have to explain to the insurance company that two sea lions almost the size of cows climbed aboard and enjoyed the view around Eld Inlet.

The two pinnipeds are hilariously unaware of their sheer mass that the boat was tipped upwards because of their weight.

The boat miraculously stayed buoyant – but just barely.

The stern is just an inch away from fully going under, making one of them joke that the boat’s fate is just three salmons away from sinking.

The video has since been watched and shared thousands of times but it didn’t show what happened to the boat.

YouTube content creator Sam Sam the Adventure Man met with Neil who was the owner of the boat – or at least, what’s left of it.

He admitted that he laughed at first when the video started going around until he realized that it was in Eld Inlet, and it was his boat.

He said in Sam’s video:

“I was sitting there having coffee, looking at Facebook, and I saw this video of these two sea lions just about sinking this little sailboat.

‘Oh, that boat looks a lot like mine.’ I looked a little closer and saw the caption said ‘Sea lions at Eld Inlet. And it took a closer look and was like ‘That was my boat’. That didn’t make me happy.”

The sea lions leaving dents is an understatement.

The boat has surely seen lighter days, literally and figuratively speaking.

Fortunately, it’s still sea-worthy, with only cracks, craps, and broken parts in some places.

Seeing the waste the colossal blubbers left behind, Neil wonders what sea lions do that makes them so filthy.

While his boat looked like an apartment after a college party, he was still all smiles when he was assessing the damage.

He was optimistic that most of the parts could be repaired and that he was so proud of what his boat could handle.

Let this be a fair warning to boat owners, if the dock says there are sea lions abound, you might want to consider parking your boat somewhere else.

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