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Community Rallies Together To Help Farmer With Terminal Cancer Reap Last Harvest

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Carl Bates, a farmer in Galva, Illinois was diagnosed with terminal cancer. When it came time to harvest their crops he feared they’d lose all of their crops for the season, until his family reached out for help in the most incredible way.

When Carl’s cousin, Dan Bates, reached out for help, he had no idea this small farming community would lend such a helping hand. Dan spoke with one of Carl’s neighbors “and it all just exploded from there,” he said. The word spread to other neighbors in the close-knit community of Galva, and this rural Illinois farm town combined forces to help Carl and his family.

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Facebook/Jason Bates

It wasn’t long after that a small army of farmers showed up to Carl’s farm ready to work. They brought 16 semi trucks, 10 combines and 40 people to help Carl harvest his farm. Everyone offered what they could give, whether it was machinery, fuel or effort. With all the extra help, Carl says they had to organize strategically to make sure everyone’s resources were being used efficiently.

The farmer’s incredible harvest is documented in a Facebook post, which has since went viral.

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Facebook/Jason Bates

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