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Cop walks in empty courthouse and begins singing

Everyone has a hidden talent. It could be something really silly like being a great on a pogo stick or being able to ride a unicycle.

A hidden talent can be physical like being able to do a back flip.

A hidden talent can also be jaw dropping like having an amazing singing voice.

Deputy Mike Morgan’s hidden talent is just that, he is an amazing singer.

Mike Morgan is a police officer in Codington County, South Dakota.

When he is not protecting his community, he is singing.

Mike had been in the Codington County Courthouse many times and was in awe of its beauty, not only its beauty but its acoustics as well.

He always knew he would love to sing the national anthem in the courthouse but it was always too busy.

When the courthouse was closed for a time, Mike saw his opening.

“The courthouse was closed and I asked another deputy to come record me, he had a key to the courthouse and every time I’m in there for court I always want to sing the national anthem because it’s beautiful in there,” Mike explains.

Mike is in uniform but let’s viewers know he is off duty.

After introducing himself to the camera, Mike takes a few deep breaths to center his body before singing.

His choice of song is just as important as the location.

Mike was not going to sing some simple song, he wanted a song with purpose and knew it had to be the national anthem.

This is not an easy song to sing, does Mike Morgan have the talent to pull it off?

Mike’s voice is majestic and his voice will leave you with goosebumps!

Mike has chosen a career to protect his fellow citizens in the country he loves.

As he sings the national anthem it is evident how much he loves his country.

His performance is amazing because of the emotion in his voice. He is full of passion and love for his country and you can feel this through his singing. It is beautiful.

“I felt like I did take a stand by singing the national anthem and showing my country how proud I am for everybody who is serving and keeping America free so it was a very passionate song for me,” Mike states.

Mike had been waiting years to be able to sing in the courthouse and it was well worth the wait.

The courthouse’s acoustics are amazing, just like he knew they would be.

The acoustics amplify his already beautiful voice to create a powerful performance.

His voice might have been a hidden talent but it is not anymore.

People all over the world have watched Mike Morgan passionately sing his national anthem.

Since the courthouse was empty Deputy Mike Morgan did not receive the applause such a performance deserves.

Instead, he gives himself some praise with a loud whistle into the courthouse acoustics and a few claps before turning the camera off.

Mike Morgan’s amazing performance deserves more than a few claps!

Thankfully, the entire world can watch his performance since it has been uploaded to YouTube.

Watch Mike Morgan’s full performance right below!

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