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Cops walk into 92-year-old veteran’s apartment and detect danger straight away

Louis C. Hicks, a 92-year-old WWII veteran in Austin, Texas, has had his fair share of troubles in life.

After his mother passed away, Hicks was left to take care of two younger sisters at a very young age.

Then World War II came, and Louis did not hesitate to defend his country.

However, Hicks never asked for any help until someone stole stools from the shed behind his home.

Two cops responded to the call to make a report but ended up doing much more for the brave senior.

They fixed up the heating system at his home and brought some gifts as well.

It is a heartwarming story of community giving back some love to a man who selflessly cared for others for nine decades.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.

I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.”

Much like Lincoln said, Hicks is proud of his home, and he’s used to doing all the repairs on his own.

In an interview with Austin’s ABC affiliate KVUE news, Hicks explained why he doesn’t like to ask for help. He responded:

“You hate to ask anybody for help ’cause sometimes they’ll frown on you, and I’m a true veteran. I won’t ask. I won’s ask.”

Nevertheless, sometimes you have to let other people in and accept kindness.

When burglars stole tools from his shed, Hicks had no other option but to ask for help. Luckily, he did!

Cops visited Hicks because of the robbery, but they spotted a much more dangerous problem inside his home.

Hicks had asked officers to come because he was hoping they’ll be able to catch the bad guys who stole some tools.

Officer Chasty Salazar and officer Bino Cadenas insisted on going inside the house, not just in the shed, and there they saw a big problem.

Louis had an old heater, but it was broken beyond repair.

To try and keep his home warm, Hicks used his stove and oven.

“I have realized that he’s using the oven. I know that’s not safe. His gas is on,” Officer Salazar said.

Understandably, Officers Salazar and Cadenas couldn’t forget what they had just seen.

They turned to the Austin Police Association named Cops 4 Charities and St. David’s Foundation to get some help.

A few days after Salazar first came to the veteran’s home, she returned with a huge surprise. Cops 4 Charities bought a brand new electric heater for Hicks.

Moved, Hicks couldn’t hold back his tears.

“I’ve never had no one to do nothing for me. After my mother passed away, and left me to take care of my two sisters. Nobody never did nothing to help me.”

Soon, the entire community joined in.

Officers installed an electric fireplace in the vet’s home, bought some new clothes for Hicks, and cleaned up his porch and backyard.

Amazingly, it all began with one police officer’s moving gesture.

The Wind Therapy Freedom Riders biker group even joined the effort to tidy up the veteran’s messy backyard!

“I thank the American people in the neighborhood for looking after me,” said Hicks.

And we thank them, too.

To ensure that veterans have a safe place to rest, the Clara White Mission in Florida will build tiny homes for homeless veterans.

Did you know that over a million veterans live in poverty? Society is aware of how shameful it is after everything those people have done for their country.

Therefore, several non-profit organizations will try to make it right.

Great news! We hope these heroes will get a fair chance to live and age with dignity, just like they deserve.

Learn more about their heartwarming story in the video below!

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