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Country Couple Steals The Show With Sizzling Honky Tonk Routine

I love to dance.

It doesn’t matter if someone is watching or not, I will always give every dance session my 100%.

the only way to enjoy the beat of your favorite song, right?

As much as I love to dance by myself, I’d love to dance to a choreographed routine with a partner!

Partnered dances are so much fun to watch and perform, the chemistry the two dancers share is so magical and it’s like watching a scene from a movie unfold right before your eyes.

That’s how good some people are when they dance in pairs. One such pair is showcased below!

Couples’ west coast swing dancing is always a sight to be seen!

The sheer amount of discipline, skill, and know-how is so engaging to watch; it’s hard to believe what’s happening before your eyes.

It’s super fun, flirty and just a thrill to watch! And the electrifying chemistry between these two is undeniable!

Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle are longtime swing dancing partners, and they sure know how to work a crowd.

This is their routine for the national competition championships, set to Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Woman” done by Travis Tritt.

As the first beats of the music come on, Jason and Katie take their positions.

They grab hands and waste no time shaking their stuff to the country tune.

Dressed in denim and casual white (minus Jason’s tie) the two are off to dance up a storm and show ‘em what they’ve got!

While both are spectacularly trained dancers, together they are magnetic.

Katie’s movements are fluid but tight, never missing a beat as she glides and spins.

Her hip locks and posture are near perfect while Jason is a strong partner.

He’s her rock and supports her throughout all her twists and turns.

They rely on each other, both with big smiles and attitudes that light up the room.

Look at how they rile up the crowd – like the last guy at the end of the show who jumps into the background wearing a black cowboy hat, jumping up and down and punching the air!

Way to go Jason and Katie!

Click the video below to watch these two sizzle on the dance floor.

What was your favorite part of the routine? Tell us in the comments!

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