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Couple heats up ice with dreamy performance to “Perfect”

There are no words to describe the beauty of this.

Ed Sheeran is known for creating beautiful love songs. His love songs pull at everyone’s heartstrings with their emotional depth.

Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” is one of those songs that listeners can get lost into.

Gabriella and Guillaume chose this gorgeous song as the music for an ice dancing routine.

Gabriella and Guillaume’s grace and beauty were perfectly matched with this delicate song.

Gabriella and Guillaume are an ice dance duo that represents the country of France.

They were competing for the World Championship for this certain performance.

So, they knew they had to create a one of a kind dance routine and they did.

The duo pulled the emotion from the song straight into their bodies and movements to create a beautiful ice dance.

If you were wondering if there is a difference between ice dancing and ice skating, yes there is. Britannica defines ice dancing as,

“…similar to pairs in that two people skate together, but, unlike pairs, ice dancers do not do jumps and do only certain kinds of lifts.

Instead, ice dancers focus on creating footwork and body movements that express dance on ice.”

Gabriella and Guillaume understand the importance of bringing their emotion into their dance to truly express their dance.

“We always try to be the most sincere in our interpretation, to really give something true to the public.

We also try to break new ground through choreography, costumes, and just to be ourselves.

We’ve been dancing together for 10 years already and people often tell us they can feel this connection – I think that’s one of the things that people like,” Guillaume stated in an interview.

Professional dancing is an intricate balance between staying graceful and strong to be able to complete a routine.

Gabriella and Guillaume have to conquer this balance but have to do it on ice. This creates another thread they have to balance with.

The talent between this duo is extraordinary.

As you watch Gabriella and Guillaume ice dance you can feel the connection between the two.

Their eyes are always looking into each other, as if they were the only two in the room.

This beautiful connection brings extra emotion to their dance and to the lyrics that they are dancing too.

These two are literally perfect for each other as dance partners.

Many people watch ice events for the amazing jumps and tricks, but not watching ice dancing is just as amazing.

The partners might not be doing complicated jumps but how they are able to move on the ice together is transfixing.

The two events are not even comparable because how unique both really are.

There are only a few similarities between the two: they both compete on ice and both are very beautiful to watch.

It is no surprise that Gabriella and Guillaume won the gold medal for this routine at the World Championships.

Gabriella and Guillaume are no strangers to winning first place.

As an ice dancing duo, they have won the World Championships four times, a silver medal from the 2018 Olympics and five European Championships.

Their talent is at the very top in the ice dancing world and watching this routine. Their elegance, grace, and talent will leave you breathless.

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