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Couple spend year and a half restoring tiny floating home into craftsman’s delight

Living on a houseboat has never looked this appealing before. They did an incredible job.

A boat built for Expo ’86 in Victoria, Canada was impressively restored and renovated by a couple. What seemed to be a lost cause turned into a livable piece of art.

Jason and Cayley, a shipwright and a carpenter respectively, worked on the boat for a year and a half to turn it into a tiny float home.

The couple adores living afloat.

“I came out here to learn wood boat construction but a by-product of that is that I’ve been living on the water for six years now,” Jason shared. “And it’s been wonderful. It’s something that gets in your blood.”

They called their tiny houseboat “Pax.”
When they came across the boat, it was in a really neglected state. But since they found potential in it, the couple bought it for less than $6,000.

Then they turned the boat upside down.

Jason and Cayley started doing their magical work in renovating the boat. With each of their expertise, they had all the skills needed to get the job done.

Pax stands at 30 feet long and around 12 and a half feet wide. Despite being tiny, the couple found that it offers just the right amount of living space for them.

The roof serves as a lounge.

The bathroom was mostly Cayley’s work and it’s obvious how a lot of thought was put into it. For the space they had, they still found a way to put in a little tub.

Jason also showed how they strategically hid the boat’s batteries inside a make-shift box which they now use as a chair.

They also added stairs which of course, just like in any tiny home, doubled as storage space.

They also hid the water heater behind the stairs.

To save them a lot of time and energy, they decided to use ready-made cabinets for the kitchen.

Their fridge and freezer lie beneath one of their countertops which definitely saved them an incredible amount of space.

Pax also has a storage space that doubles as a wine cellar since the area is not insulated, making it cooler than the rest of the boat.

Just beside it is their dinette with a bench that has a “swoopy shape.” It’s definitely a nice place to have a meal in.

Next, we have their bedroom.

As you ascend the stairs, you will be welcomed with their minimalist yet stunning bedroom. The mattress is sandwiched between cabinets for more storage space.

They also have enough space to stand up.

An incredible view of the sea and other boats is right out the window. Jason shared that it’s such a beautiful view to wake up to.

Their mornings must be so nice.

“Some challenges about living aboard in general I think is that you have to become a minimalist,” Jason explained. “I think that’s a challenge but it’s also a very good and noble pursuit.”

“I think that when you have the amount of things you actually need and not the amount of things that you’ve acquired over the years for one reason or another, you’re more able to be truly happy,” he added.

Indeed, a tiny home on the water is such a unique yet enriching experience.

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