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Couple steals the show with steamy ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ dance

Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle were some of the most well-known West Coast Swing dance team of the 2000s, and their dance videos still make the rounds on the internet today.

Unfortunately, Jason passed away suddenly back in 2009 at the tender age of 31, due to pneumonia and an enlarged heart.

But just because the couple can no longer dance together, it doesn’t mean that all their old routines will fade into nothingness.

Thankfully, many of the pair’s routines were captured on video and are posted on YouTube for everyone to watch.

One of our favorite dances in particular is to the Honky -Tonk genre of music, and it’s safe to say that this couple do it like no one we’ve ever seen before.

In case you’ve never heard of the term “Honky-Tonk” before, here’s an explanation:

According to Opry, “The word as we know it today is used most often to describe a bar in which country music is played. The headshots that line the walls are yellowed and the wooden dance floor creaks beneath your feet, but the beer is cold, the music is good, and inside these iconic institutions, the artists who take the stage are all chasing a dream.”

Somewhere along the way, the country music which was played in these bars began to become associated with the honky-tonk, and from that, a whole new genre of music was created.

The honky-tonk genre is best known for its emphasis on rhythm, and dancers soon picked up on these songs and began to create routines to go along with them.

Jason and Katie performed some of the most skilled honky-tonk routines we’ve ever seen, and YouTube account itsmektb shared one of our favorites.

The couple created a routine for a fan-favorite song, “Honky Tonk Women.” The song was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and originally recorded in 1969 by the Rolling Stones- though it has been covered by many country artists since.

The couple’s routine can only be described as a mishmash of different styles of dance, and appears to be part swing dance and part line dance, amongst other genres.

What’s most impressive is the sheer speed that Jason and Katie have as they work their way quickly around the floor.

You just can’t help smiling at the couple’s energetic routine, which sees them doing countless spins, footwork so quick that we don’t even have time to see what’s properly going on, and even a couple of lifts and somersaults.

What amazes us the most is how the pair are perfectly in sync with each other.

It takes true talent to be able to match each other’s footwork, especially when the steps are really fast.

It’s no surprise then that Jason is actually a trained West Coast Swing dancer.

This type of dance is a partner dance which relies heavily on improvisation between the pair, and dancers must think on their feet.

Not to be outshone, Katie began her dance training at only two years old, and as she dances you can clearly see her passion for what she does.

The couple’s routine begins with some hip movements that would put Mick Jagger to shame, before they launch into a series of twists and spins which have the crowd up on their feet in no time.

With the combination of the fancy footwork, the lifts and the spins, this is a highly energetic dance which we will never get tired of watching.

The routine was part of a competition and unsurprisingly, the pair were awarded the first place.

When the couple’s routine was posted onto YouTube, it received over 14.9 million watches, and the views just keep on coming.

People took to the comments to express their sadness over Jason’s passing, with comments such as:

“After having watched dancing videos of all types for over 50+ years, in my humble opinion THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Jason and Katie, the moves of both, and the music are all just stellar. I’m so sorry and saddened that Jason and Katie didn’t get to spend 100 years together! God bless them both!”

Have you ever seen this type of dance routine before? Scroll down to watch the video below and see what all the fuss is about.

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