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Couples card gets repeatedly declined with cart full of kids presents so stranger pipes up “I’ll pay for it”

Embarrassed, the couple tried their cards again but it was unsuccessful.

That’s when a stranger came up and offered to help out.

The couple responded “Oh, no! I don’t think you know how much this is,” since they knew their cart had a couple of hundred dollars worth of items.

When they saw the stranger’s license plate that they realized it was meant to be.

“Some wish blessings, others pray for them. Some send blessings and they become one.” – Joyce C. Lock

A few days before Christmas, people are still rushing to buy gifts. It’s no surprise to see people happily filling their carts with toys, food, and gift wraps.

It’s so lovely to see the holiday spirit alive for all of us.

Last December 19, 2021, Ben Hendley went shopping in Walmart, Canton, Texas.

He went out to get his Santa stuff, which, according to him, he does every year.

Ben couldn’t use the self-checkout option, so he went in line with a cashier.

Just then, he heard a familiar sound. It was a card getting declined, over and over again.

He saw a couple patiently waiting for their card to be read.

“And this couple (passing through from Fort Worth, Texas) are trying to get their kid’s presents as they travel to their family get together (they live2 hours away).

And his card gets declined. Again. And again…,” posted Ben.

You know the feeling when your card gets declined, and people are waiting in line. It was a stressful event for the couple who just wanted to buy gifts.

As it turns out, it wasn’t only Ben who noticed the beeping of the card reader.

The lady in front of Ben also noticed the sound coming from the card reader.

“You know what? It’s Christmas! I’ll pay for it,” said the woman in front of Ben.

Everyone was shocked.

The man felt embarrassed but couldn’t say a word. Soon, it was his wife who finally answered the lady.

“Oh, no! I don’t think you know how much this is! Let me see if I can put it on my credit card,” the man’s wife answered, smiling.

They tried again, but sadly, the card got declined – again!

According to Ben, it was later found out that the card reader was malfunctioning.

“It’s a couple hundred dollars. So? God’s blessed me, so I’m going to bless you,?” Joyce Hargrave Felton, the kind Mississippi woman said.

“But, ma’am…” the wife tried to protest.

It was understandable. For them, it was a big amount and they felt shy with the kind woman’s offer.

“Hush. I don’t want to hear any more. I’ve got this,” said Joyce, as she smiled and pulled out her card.

“But it’s more than,” the wife still wanted to politely decline because the amount costs a couple of hundred dollars.

“I don’t care. I’m going to bless you like God’s blessed me,” Joyce proceeded and paid for all the items.

Everyone who witnessed this beautiful act of kindness smiled and felt happy inside.

Ben couldn’t believe it!

He took a photo and saved it. He then followed Joyce to the parking lot. He wanted to know who this person was.

Ben saw her license plate, and it read, “GOD SNT.”

What are the odds of that?

Ben decided to post the photo and the story. It quickly went viral, and it reached Joyce.

Last December 22, Joyce shared the news feature and tagged Ben.

In her Facebook post caption, it read:

“Remember; always make a difference no matter what happens.”

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