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Couple’s heartpounding acrobatic dance heats up floor

What do you get when you have a dramatic love story told through gymnastics, acrobatics, and circus elements set to live music?

You get Duo Destiny.

Kinga Grzeskow and Goncalo Roque are two acrobatic performers that came together to create Duo Destiny.

They both have a strong background in acrobatics separately before coming together.

Goncalo has won the European Championship and World Championship for his mixed pair acrobatics.

While Kinga was a member of Poland’s national team for acrobatic sports.

Kinga invited Goncalo to be her partner for the Pirates Adventure Show in Mallorca in 2015.

Following the show, the duo stayed together and created Duo Destiny.


Duo Destiny specializes in hand to hand acrobatics.

Commonwealth Circus Center describes hand to hand acrobatics as, “… the practice of a flier holding handstands and other hand balances in a base’s hands.”

This specific performance took place at the 39th Cirque de Demain in Paris.

The Cirque de Demain is a yearly festival dedicated to showcase all circus artists such as acrobatics, trapeze, tightrope, juggling, and clowns.

Duo Destiny knew they needed a stunning performance for such a special event and they did not disappoint.

Kinga and Goncalo’s performance is jaw dropping and beautiful.

Their entire performance takes part around one bench to tell a theatrical love story.

Their performance starts off slow to portray their emotions.

Yet, a minute into their performance the hand to hand acrobatics begin and does not slow down.

The strength, balance, and flexibility between the two performers is outstanding.

You will find yourself holding your breath in awe during many of their acrobatic lifts.

Goncalo carries Kinga above his head with such ease. While Kinga’s flexibility is mind boggling.

How she is able to shape her body into certain positions, all the while balancing only by her hands in Goncalo’s, is remarkable.

Their artistry combines together flawlessly, almost as if they have become one person in certain moments.

Their acrobatic position at the two minute and thirty second mark will blow you away.

It would seem difficult to portray a love story through acrobatics.

Acrobatics is known more for show stopping moves and not a dramatic story, but Duo Destiny easily tells a love story through their bodies.

Every move is precise and portrays their emotions.

You can feel their emotions through their body language and moves.

At the end of the performance you can audibly hear the audience “aww” in sadness for the ending.

The trust these partners have to have in each other during such a performance is deep.

If they had one false step or moment, they both could be seriously injured.

They do not make one mistake and their trust with each other is complete.

Yet, the audience and viewers watch with such suspense knowing how truly difficult their performance is.

Duo Destiny nail their performance.

Their performance has garnered over eight million views and it is not hard to understand why.

Their beautiful performance will stay in your mind all day. You might even watch it multiple times because the performance stays with you.

Duo Destiny have not only shined on the Cirque de Demain stage.

They won the Poland’s Got Talent competition show in 2018 and made it to the semifinals for the America’s Got Talent version in 2020.

Watch Duo Destiny’s full breathtaking performance below.

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