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Dad surrounded by soldiers at Chik-Fil-A jumps into action with desperate plea

Jonathan and Stephen Full are just your average siblings who were enjoying a day out with their kids when the inevitable happened.

Two soldiers suddenly walked into the Chik-Fil-A restaurant where the family was eating lunch, and 9 more soldiers quickly followed suit.

One of the brothers, Jonathan, stood up as soon as he saw these men and women in uniform march through the front door of the popular Durham, North Carolina fast food chain.

He quickly found himself surrounded, but chose to set a brave example for his son, which is one of the reasons why his actions that day gained national attention.

Jonathan has always wanted to buy a meal for a soldier, and he finally got his wish that day, multiple times over.

As soon as he saw a couple of military members walk into the Chik-Fil-A, he was moved into action. He told WTVD:

“It’s always been on my mind to pay for some military members’ meals when I get the chance. It just hit me real good in my heart to do it then. And it just happened.”

The “it” that happened is how he started to pay for a couple of meals, but ended up filling nearly a dozen hungry bellies. At first, it caught him off guard.

“Man is there a bus dropped off somewhere? Did we just hit the motherload here? What felt moving through my heart is I didn’t care if 200 more showed. I was still going to buy the meal.”

After what seemed like an entire platoon followed the first two soldiers into the popular fast food chain, Jonathan just couldn’t stop it with his generosity!

Jonathan’s brother Stephen shared photos of the encounter on Facebook, explaining just how proud he was of his younger brother.

“As he paid for their meals, in remembrance of our late brother Joshua who suffered mentally from severe PTSD, he asked them to reach out to anyone they knew with PTSD and try their best to get them the help they needed. We thanked them for their service and left. Taught our boys to take care of the people that take care of us.”

Stephen went on to ask his Facebook readers to share what Jonathan did, in the hopes that people will become more aware of just how much PTSD affects the men and women who fight for our country.

While everyone else is cheering Jonathan’s very deliberate act of kindness, his 4-year-old son was nonplussed about the whole thing. In fact, the boy was worried that the food might run out!

“What are ya crazy!? There’s not going to be any food left!”

The cheeky little tyke then continued to chomp on his chicken nuggets, totally oblivious to the fact that his dad is what many folks across the nation are now hailing as a true hometown hero.

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