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Dad’s response to 2-year-old’s tantrum wins the internet

When you have a child, you are also accepting the fact that you will have to be dealing with some annoying stuff.

You will have to clean their diapers, feed them all the time (exhausting, we know), and deal with about a thousand other things.

What’s one of the not-so-great parts about parenting though is the tantrums that you will have to deal with.

Oh yes, kids have many tantrums throughout their childhood. It’s super fun.

The thing is, this is a guaranteed part of parenthood.

It would honestly be kind of weird if your child didn’t ever freak out. So the only thing you can do — the only thing truly in your control — is how you handle said tantrum.

All parents have different ways of reacting.

Some parents respond with their very own temper tantrum (with anger and frustration), while others have a more calm approach.

It’s not always easy to remain calm in these situations, which is why we must praise the parents who manage to do so!

Maybe it seems like not a big deal from an outsider’s perspective, but especially when you’re dealing with these “fun” behavioral things on a daily basis, it can get a little bit exhausting.

In 2018, a video of this Canadian dad dealing with his child who was throwing a tantrum went viral, and for good reason. He was a perfect example of a calm, level-headed parent.

In the clip, the dad and his kid were out of the car and walking back to their house.

At least, the dad was. His two-year-old daughter, on the other hand, was not in the mood to go inside and she made that very clear.

As the dad loaded in the groceries, his kid laid flat on the ground of the driveway, looking as if she was barely breathing!

Her dad just continued on with the groceries, not giving her any kind of attention.

Then, the funniest moment ever takes place.

Finally, when it was time to go inside for good, the father continued to not give his daughter any attention.

Instead, he treated her like just another grocery bag and picked her up by her jacket.

She kept her body perfectly straight and she didn’t react or give her father any attention either.

The dad’s girlfriend, who is filming the video, must have had a laugh, because this looks absolutely ridiculous!

The young, tantrum-throwing girl looks like a hockey bag!

“I took this video from home of my boyfriend and our daughter, Juliette, who turned 2-years-old in October,” she told Viralhog.

He was getting back from work and her from the kindergarten. She is a little girl who loves to laugh and make other laughs.

What’s even funnier is that she is more than 3-feet-tall and over 37 pounds heavy and the jacket didn’t break. She often does stuff like this and this is just how we love her.”

It’s good that even when she is acting strangely, her parents choose to show her nothing but love.

She is going to grow up super mature and level-headed, we can feel it!

Watch the hilarious video below.

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