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Dancer in black outfit outshines all others during awesome “hillbilly dirty dance”

Steeped in tradition, American clog dancing derives its roots from the folk dances of the British Isles, Africa, and indigenous American culture.

The dance form grew out of folk dancing in the Appalachian region of North Carolina, evolving to its current state, and becoming the sensation it is today.

And while many people enjoy clogging, one dancer, in particular, caught the eye of spectators in a YouTube video and has garnered some much-deserved praise for her skills.

A natural-born clogger.

In the video, a girl in black seems to stand out right from the start of the clogging routine.

The video features a variety of cloggers in country line dance formation, but you can tell as she begins to dance in the video that one person, in particular, is very good at clog dancing, especially as she puts a little flare into her steps.

She comes across as a natural as she never seems to miss a step, completing her moves with practiced ease.

She rises above the rest of the dancers around her as she takes center stage.

As her mother films, she performs her routine with pure joy, smiling as she twirls around and kicks her feet.

Based on timing, which the kicking of the feet is supposed to help control, clog dancing involves various moves. Her mom explained her daughter’s skill at clogging in a comment on the video, explaining:

“She has been dancing in various forms since the age of 18 mos. This video was from her second year at the National Clogging Convention with her friend Jacki.

It was also the last year that she clogged. She spends more time with tap, contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop now a days.

I can feel her soul speak when she dances. Thank you for watching!”

In the video, the group is clogging a specific dance routine known as the “Hillbilly Dirty Dance.”

This is announced by the caller, an important part of any clogging routine, and is the person who calls out the moves that the cloggers then perform.

The National Clogging Convention

So far, the video has gotten over 3 million views, with many commenters talking about the girl’s skill and obvious love of the performance art form.

The video was filmed at the National Clogging Convention, which attracts cloggers of all ages and sizes.

These cloggers travel to the convention to watch American Clogging at its finest, which includes the performance of this girl.

For more of the talented female clogger’s moves, watch the video below.

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