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Dancer’s wife missed her flight only to have improvised act score 3.8M views

My head is still reeling how he pulled this off. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Pasha is a Russian dance illusionist who performs with his wife, Aliona, but unfortunately, his wife missed her flight.

Even “America’s Got Talent” judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell were confused.

The Moscow born dancer went on to explain that Aliona was visiting her mother in San Francisco while he was flying from Missouri.

So the famed Russian couple won’t be taking the stage together.

Or are they?

“I am very worried. … If you could give me an opportunity, hopefully, I could make it work.”

Says the smiling Russian.

Pasha exits the stage, leaving Howie and Simon wondering how on earth he was going to perform without his wife.

Seconds later, Terry Crews wheels out two life-size eerily realistic marionette-esque robot dolls.

Howie’s face says it all.

Those dolls are the spitting image of Pasha and Aliona.

And the way the dolls sag to the floor just gives off all the wrong hair-raising vibes.

Still, the show must go on and soon, a violin piece begins to play.

Featuring spine-cracking moves and contortion beyond belief, the dancer’s clay smiles stayed plastered to their faces as they move to the music in a very odd and very chilling manner.

After a few unearthly angles no ordinary human could do, the dolls look at the audience before spinning and jumping up on a table, once again defying the laws of physics.

It had to come from Russia. The couple’s website gives this description.

“Pasha and Aliona are not just an unreal dolls Illusion. They are a real world-class adagio dance team and that is not where their artistry ends.

Their professional edge allows them to master several disciplines simultaneously, The Art of Illusion, Quick Change Transformation and Acrobatic Puppetry… They have appeared on many Television Shows and have traveled and preformed around the world. From South Africa to Asia to Europe to United States… concert halls, stadiums to theatres. Innovation and extraordinary talent make Pasha and Aliona one of a kind act throughout the world.”

And as the creepy dolls continue their almost supernatural-like dance on the table, the audience’s shock and cheers fill the hall while the judges look on with open mouths and confused looks.

But it’s when “Pasha” lifts “Aliona” that truly shocks everyone.

As she rises in midair, she leaves her boots on the table but there are no legs to be seen!

Just a female doll resting on her husband’s awkwardly bent back. Sofia’s face is no different from the screaming audience now.

And as the dolls spin and jump off the table, the music builds before coming to a complete stop.

The dolls flip up and over, and the real Pasha unveils himself from his “wife’s” skirt.

Howie, Heidi, and Sofia stand up with the audience to give Pasha the love he deserves.

Simon took awhile, maybe because he was still trying to comprehend what he just saw.

Pasha had the biggest smile in that room though.

Let’s wait and see if the real Aliona will show up for the next round.

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