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‘Dancing queen’s’ slick moves waiting at bus stop nab 3.9 million views

You can dance, you can jive. Having the time of your life…

On your daily commute.

Ooh see that girl. Watch that scene.

Digging the dancing queen… of the bus stop.

As we begin a new year and bid adieu to 2020 (see you never again!), we are aiming for a year full of joy, spontaneity, and well, mostly good times.

This video has everything we’re looking for to kick-off 2021.

It is genuine, humorous, and downright entertaining.

Nothing can take our minds off the craziness that was 2020 quite like a video of a woman dancing alone in public.

Here we are in the English town of Eastleigh.

Set at a local bus stop, we get our first glimpses of our dancing queen in action, and oh boy does she have moves!

The woman recording the video is set across the street.

Our dancing queen has no idea she is being recorded, and surely no idea that she’s about to go viral.

You’re in the mood for a dance. And when you get the chance.

You are the dancing queen.

Spending over two glorious minutes bopping to her own beat, nothing is going to get her down!

With a mixture of hip sways, head bops, and a mean right cross, she’s footloose and fancy-free, literally.

And with no regard for the opinions of those around her, she is truly living each day to its fullest.

Leave em’ burning and then you’re gone.

She does a little finger flare to the rhythm.

You wouldn’t know it, but she’s really into the music.

Like all things, her wait at the bus stop eventually comes to an end…

The solid blue bus pulls up.

And then…

The bus pulls away.

Our dancing queen is gone!

For the other passengers’ sakes, we sure hope she continued her dancing on the bus.

She has some serious rhythm!

The Dancing Queen of the Bus Stop is everything that we aspire to be – fun, groovy, and simply not caring what anyone thinks.

If I were to see this woman dancing in the early morning hours, my morning commute would become instantly better….

Or shall I even say bearable?

It turns out that our dancing queen wasn’t actually listening to ABBA, but rather to Alesha Dixon’s “Knockdown.”

We sure are glad the world hasn’t knocked her down.

Pun intended.

You may be asking yourself who exactly is this dancing queen.

Well folks, Ellie Cole is the woman in the video.

As a British citizen with a background in the performing arts, this video helped to land her a professional role in London’s AH Men musical.

Cole was also invited on a special episode of The Today Show.

It seems that strangers randomly filming you in public may not be all bad.

With over 3 million hits on one YouTube video alone, this dancing queen has surely taken the world by storm.

The original video was posted over seven years ago, but it is still growing in daily views and comments.

People just can’t get enough, and we can definitely understand why.

Ellie Cole is truly out living her best life each and every day. Her confidence is truly admirable.

To watch the full performance, be sure to check out the video player below.

Maybe you will even become your neighborhood’s very own dancing queen!

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