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Deaf baby cannot contain happiness or giggles hearing her family’s voices for 1st time

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She keeps looking at her mom like, ‘Can you believe this!?’ 😍

There is nothing more beautiful than the joy of a child.

That’s why the video of Scarlet Benjamin has gone viral.

The 11-month-old baby is shown giggling uncontrollably after hearing one of the sweetest sounds she’s ever heard.

The sound of her sister’s voice, clear as a bell. It was the first time the infant had heard the voice of someone she loved so perfectly.

Scarlett was born three months prematurely.

As a result, she developed an intestinal issue known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). The condition required treatment with antibiotics.

The antibiotics that were administered to the child left her hearing impaired.

Thankfully, Scarlett wasn’t completely deaf.

Her mother, Carol Benjamin, thought Scarlett’s hearing was adequate.

But she quickly realized this wasn’t the case when her daughter put on a hearing aid for the first time.

This moment of Scarlett hearing perfectly for the first time after putting on her hearing aids was captured on video.

The video shows mom holding Scarlett while Scarlett’s sister 4-year-old sister Halie stands in front of her.

Scarlett’s jaw is completely dropped as she hears all the subtle sounds around her for the first time.

But then her big sister calls out to her, “Baby sister!” Halie says.

Scarlett is in complete awe trying to figure out where or who the sound is coming from. Her entire face changed once she realized it was coming from her big sister.

Scarlett started laughing hysterically at the fact that she could finally hear the sound of her big sis’s voice.

And the more Halie talked, the more she laughed.

She looked up at mom and smiled at mom talking to her. She was so happy to hear it for the first time. She would get a little confused when multiple people were talking, but she was overjoyed.

She just kept laughing and laughing and laughing. And then she laughed some more.

She was so excited that she started to scream.

“It was amazing,” mom said. “She screamed really loud and [later] scared herself. It was really cute.”

Scarlett began to cry a bit after scarring herself, but she was right back to giggling after hearing the sounds of people she loved around her.

But her sister didn’t want her to be afraid, so she shrieked a bit to get Scarlett used to the sound.

After they practiced screaming for a bit, Scarlett went right back to giggling again. The video ends there. Mom shared the video on Facebook where it went viral.

“Hearing aids make a WORLD of difference! I am so blessed and thankful for Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville for all that they have done for our baby girl.

Anyway, enjoy one of the absolute best days of our lives. By the way, I’m crying, you’re crying, everyone is crying,” Carol Benjamin wrote in her post.

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