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Deaf baby is overwhelmed with emotion upon hearing her mom say ‘I love you’ for the first time

Baby Charly had just gotten hearing aids, and the video of her heartfelt reaction to her mother’s voice has garnered over 105 million views.

Baby Charly was born profoundly deaf – but her reaction to hearing her mother’s voice for the first time is melting hearts worldwide.

Christy Keane recently uploaded a video to YouTube that showed her daughter hearing her voice for the first time after getting hearing aids.

In the video, Christy starts by greeting her daughter a few times.

“Hello,” she coos to the baby girl.

Immediately, Charly bursts into an adorable little grin. As Christy repeats the greeting, however, her daughter suddenly becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

“I’ve never seen that face before,” Christy comments.

Hearing has brought out an entirely new range of facial expressions in Charly.

Very quickly, the moment becomes emotionally charged. Still in her baby voice, Christy asks:

“Are you emotional? You’re going to make me cry.”

We can actually hear the emotion in her voice as she talks, and it seems as if Charly is indeed emotional, overwhelmed with happiness by this new sensation. Christy again asks:

“Are you gonna be emotional like your momma?”

Before adding:

“You’re so sweet.”

That comment also elicits a grin from Charly. Christy continues talking, telling Charly that she loves her and getting more responsive and smiling again.

At one point, Charly has one of the biggest grins you will ever see on a baby.

While the video itself doesn’t include any background information, it does include a link to Christy’s Instagram account, where we discover more.

There is even a post of the same video from another angle on the Instagram account.

In that caption, Christy explained that they were doubtful whether Charly would hear at all, even with the implants, which made the moment even more exciting.

Some of the comments on the original Instagram post are truly heartwarming. Chrisross76 shared his story of a hearing-impaired little brother who is now 37.

The video of Charly hearing for the first time brought back memories for Chris that he just had to share.

He also let Christy know that the world has changed and Charly should not face any challenges, even mentioning a girl in his class with her own sign language teacher.

There are also numerous other comments simply expressing joy at watching the video and wishing the family the best.

Christy regularly posts updates on her Instagram account, both of Charly, and of her older sister, Cameron.

After the video of Charly hearing for the first time started to go viral, Christy posted this photo with a caption explaining everything

In the caption, she explains that Charly (Charlotte) was “born completely deaf” and they didn’t know why since there was no family history of hearing loss.

They finally got her the hearing aids and

“We were prepared for ZERO response – so imagine our surprise and delight when she gave us such heartfelt emotion.”

The caption also says that Christy and her husband are working on American Sign Language and will be looking into cochlear implants for Charly when she gets old enough.

They are thankful for their support system and know that Charly will feel “loved, worthy, and completely normal!”

Thanks to Christy’s Instagram account, we also get some incredibly sweet photos of the family.

In this one, Christy wasn’t feeling great, so both Charly and Cameron were cuddling with her. It is a very adorable image that shows the love between them.

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