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Decorated WWII war hero walks granddaughter down the aisle just before passing

Weddings are always touching moments.

It’s one of those events where you can’t help but shed a happy tear.

People all gathered to witness the union of two hearts towards their journey to married life.

What makes it more remarkable are the stories and lives behind these events.

And this wedding is not just about the bride and groom.

Get some hanky ready because here’s a wedding that’s a total tearjerker.

Bronislaw ‘Grom’ Karwowski walked his grandchild down the aisle, as promised.

Grom has accomplished so much as a soldier and war veteran.

But even at the age of 94, he still had one important mission – to walk Joanna down the aisle.

And like his legacy, he didn’t fail.

Bronislaw Karwowski fought in World War II.

He was captured by Nazis and escaped from the Gestapo’s headquarters.

That freedom did not last long, though.

In 1948, he was arrested and spent ten years in prison.

After his release, he was given the Knight’s Cross Order of the Rebirth of Poland. He went out a free man and started a new life where he began his own family.

As years passed, he and his wife took care of their grandchildren, including Joanna.

Grandfathers always have a special place in their hearts.

Joanna recalled that Grom was very patient with them (grandchildren) as they fought over who got to sleep beside Grom. She said that they all loved his bedtime stories.

That is why seeing them grow and witnessing their life’s milestones was so important.

And in August of 2018, in Bialystok, Northern Poland, Grom did that as he walked Joanna down the aisle.

It was a solemn, heartwarming moment while stringed instruments played as she walked to the altar where her groom was waiting.

Using his cane, Grom escorted Joanna while holding her arm.

You can see the happiness on Joanna’s face.

On the other end of the aisle, the groom looks on to his bride, overwhelmed with joy and can’t hold his tears any longer. Witnessing this moment was their close family and friends.

There’s no dry eye in that room.

As Joanna and Grom reached the altar, the groom kissed him on the cheek.

It was a lovely ceremony indeed.

However, two days after the wedding, the sad news came.

Grandpa Grom died due to his ailments and complications. But Joanna knows her grandfather is free of pain now.

As Grom fulfilled his promise to walk Joanna down the aisle, Joanna also made a promise to her grandfather.

“He promised he would walk me down the aisle, and he kept his word,” she said in an interview. “In the following days, just before his death, I promised him that I would not let him die at the hospital.”

Grom died at his home, with Joanna and the rest of his family by his side.

The Narodowe Sily Zbrojne (National Armed Forces) shared their sentiments on social media.

It translates:

“We regret to announce that today, on 1st September 2018, on the 79th anniversary of Germany’s assault on Poland, the national hero and insurgent of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, Major Bronislaw Karwowski retired to the eternal guard.

He was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland, the Silver Cross of Merit with Swords, the Cross of the National Armed Deed and many others.”

The comments on the page were heartwarming, and you know he was well-loved and appreciated.

See the beautiful ceremony in the video below.

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