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Deployed military Dad gets messages from his kids through video doorbell

You’ll be grabbing a box of tissue after this one.

As cool as it is to see soldiers in action, those men and women in uniform are still very much human.

Forget that stereotypical image that Hollywood portrays.

Those are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives sacrificing so much for love of country.

Thank you, technology.

Gone are the days of handwriting letters and sending them out in the hopes of loved ones reading them then waiting a few more days for their response.

Social media allows families to communicate regardless of distance and time.

Then there are these kids.

Dad is out there somewhere, no doubt looking handsome and tough in his uniform.

We’re sure he misses his wife and kids.

The kids found a way of leaving messages for dad via the Ring video doorbell.

It’s so cute and so sweet, they take turns narrating what they’re up to and how their day went. Ding dong!

You are literally looking through the doorbell.

Liz Nocera commented,

“The son 🥺🥺 he’s so smart and cute, he wants to make his dad proud everyday and the little girl, bless her heart, she’s adorable.”

Dad is one lucky man to have these two.

The little boy and girl leave their “I miss you” messages which in itself are enough to make a grown man cry.

Doesn’t matter how tough you are in that uniform. These two have daddy wrapped around their fingers.

“Please I really want you to come back. Bye, daddy. I’m going to school to learn a lot.”

Says his son. That’s a good kid!

“Dada, I love you so much. Please, come home soon. I love you.”

Goes his pretty daughter.

Wherever dad is, all his sacrifices away from his crew are surely paying off.

Dad is deployed because he wants to ensure that his kids’ futures are in safe hands. He wants his little ones to live secure lives.

Let’s just hope dad came home for the holidays. They all deserve it.

“Dad, I graduate from riding my bike now. All I need for help is to push then I’m all going by myself, With no training wheels, dad! How cool is that?!”

He’s all about making his dad proud and we love it!

The little lady is just adorable, constantly telling her father that she wants him to come back home.

Dad, you have to! Before she gets all grown up and starts dating boys!

This is one cool doorbell. It has a high definition camera, motion sensor, and a microphone with speakers.

The best part is this can also act as a surveillance camera.

These kids are so loving and so sweet.

What more could any dad ask for? All he has to do is come home and join them to end this year and welcome the new one. They miss you, dad!

Watch these adorable kids leave messages for their Daddy below!

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