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Desperate Mom Sends Text To The Wrong Person, Within Minutes Stranger Knocks On Her Door

He sent over several verses that have helped him in times of need, and then decided to do something even more generous.

Within minutes, Brian was at the motel where Amy and her children stayed. He opened his wallet and paid for their room – this took a huge weight off of her shoulders! She and her kids weren’t going to be left on the streets.

But Brian’s kindness didn’t end there!


Screenshot via WPXI News

After meeting with Amy at the motel, he urged her to start a GoFundMe page. Brian explained that he was just carrying out the Good Lord’s will!

“What would Jesus do?”

Sure enough, donations started rolling in within minutes of going up!

In addition to the cash donations, others offered their help in different ways! Kathy Schumann let Amy and the kids use her minivan, and Chad Morack worked tirelessly to get Amy a position as a licensed practical nurse – something she spent years training for!

Her resume was sent into a medical recruiting facility and now she has a full-time job starting on January 3, 2017.

Amy knows her good fortune isn’t luck or coincidence, it’s all because of Him.

“It’s totally restored my faith in more than just humanity, my faith in God.”

Now she and her children have a car, roof over their heads and a stable income. This is the best possible outcome for such a horrible set of circumstances!


Screenshot via WPXI News

Watch Amy’s story in the heartwarming video below.

With the love of complete strangers and the grace of God, Amy and her children will be safe, fed and happy! This is all she could ever ask for.

Sources: WPXI NewsGoFundMe / FB Image Credit: Screenshot via WPXI News, GoFundMe

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