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Disabled man accepts ride from stranger not knowing it would change his entire life

James Fox has had his share of challenges.

As a result of his partial and malformed limbs, James uses a skateboard to get around.

One day, he was riding his skateboard to his mother’s house when something happened that would change his life forever.

At the time, James was homeless.

He was on his way to visit his mother when a chance encounter occurred.

A man stopped to ask James if he needed a ride.

Dan Creighton didn’t know James, although he had seen him around town.

He didn’t know all that James had been through. He was just a guy who felt like he was in a position to help a fellow human being.

James says he was “nearly helpless” when he met Dan.

James has been treated for anxiety and depression since he was a teenager.

He’d been on numerous different medications and spoken with therapists but saw little improvement.

James had previously wondered if his life was worth living but managed to get himself on track and landed work as a software developer.

Eventually, however, James started to drink and self-medicate. He says that by the time he ran into Dan, he was “nearly helpless.”

“I was homeless and nearly helpless when Dan (Creighton) and I crossed paths,” Fox said to the Palm Beach Post.

Dan and his son were returning from a fishing trip.

Dan and his son Stone were returning from a fishing trip when they spotted James riding his skateboard. They decided to offer the man a ride, which James accepted.

Dan asked James if he could purchase him an electric wheelchair or specialized car to help him get around. James wasn’t interested, however.

After they dropped James off, Dan told him to give him a call if he ever needed anything.

James never called him, but Dan even went looking for James 2 weeks later to see if he needed anything and was unable to find him.

“He inspired me, how is this guy so content,” Creighton said.

Dan and James meet again 2 years later.

Two years later, Dan spotted James waiting at a bus stop. He pulled over and offered him a ride, which James again accepted.

James then told Dan he was headed to the Social Security office looking for help because he was being evicted from his home for unpaid rent.

Instead of taking James to the Social Service Office, Dan took him to his own office and cut him a check for $10,000.

“You inspired me when I was down deep,” Creighton said.

James joins Dan’s family.

James lost both his parents in the time between the two rides he accepted from Dan. He’s now become a member of Dan’s extended family, however, attending birthdays, holidays, and sporting events.

James also became involved with the Word of Life Church in Fort Myers.

He now works with their ministries and does computer work on the side as well. James has a condo across the street from the church that Dan bought for him.

“The Bible says that I am my brother’s keeper, and so James is mine,” Creighton said.

James has a new condo, friends, and family.

Dan created a GoFundMe account for people to donate funds James can use to furnish his new home.

The home is accessible throughout, so James can use his skateboard to move around it.

They had a housewarming party for him with balloons, food, and a “Welcome Home James” cake.

“I love you, Dan, and I really can never repay the way you have changed my life with your kindness and generosity,” James said to Dan.

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