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Disabled man decides to accept ride from stranger unaware it would affect his life

James Fox was on his skateboard when a driver pulled over and offered him a lift.

Little did he know, his life wouldn’t be the same after meeting the stranger.

Just when you think life is going a certain way – there can be an unexpected twist of fate. A North Miami man found this out after meeting a total stranger.

James Fox hasn’t had it easy. Because of his partial and malformed arms and legs – he rides on a skateboard, which he was doing one day heading to his mother’s house. At the time he was homeless as well.

Suddenly, a man stopped his truck and asked James if he’d like a ride.

The driver’s name is Dan Creighton, who was acting out of kindness. However, he had no clue all that James had gone through.

James had dealt with anxiety and depression since his early teens.

He’d been on every medication under the sun, and had spoken with therapists and psychiatrists, but nothing helped.

After attempting to take his own life, James managed to get back on track and started work as a software developer.

But he couldn’t keep it up, and he eventually began to self-medicate and drink too much.

By the time James crossed paths with Dan Crieghton, he admitted he was “nearly helpless”.

Dan, who’s a chief executive officer of Creighton Construction and Development, had seen James around for a few years.

With him being concerned for James’ safety, Dan decided, after a quick discussion with his son Stone, that they should try and help.

James kept quiet about being homeless, and didn’t accept Dan’s offer to purchase him an electric wheelchair.

He simply told Dan and Stone that he was on his way to his mom’s house.

Dan relented, telling James to reach out if he needed anything.

But James didn’t call, and Dan didn’t think he’d see the young man again.

Dan, however, was unable to stop thinking about their encounter. Speaking on Humankind, he admitted:

“He inspired me, how is this guy so content.”

He went out in search of James two weeks later, but couldn’t find him. He thought that was that – James must have moved on.

Amazingly, a couple of years later, Dan spotted James at a bus stop.

He didn’t hesitate to pull over and ask if James wanted a ride.

James remembered Dan, and admitted that he was on his way to the Social Security office for help.

James was currently trying to fight being evicted from his own home for not being able to pay his rent.

What Dan didn’t know at the time was that James had no family support anymore.

Both his mom and dad had passed away after the pair had first met.

Even though Dan didn’t know much about James, he took him to his office and gave him a $10,000 check.

Since then, James has become like a member of Dan’s family, and has joined a sobriety program at his local church.

He’s even started up on his main passion, computer work, once more.

Dan even bought James a condo in South Point Villas, just across from the church he attends.

He surprised him with a housewarming party and invited everyone who had grew to know and love James over the years.

The home is completely accessible as the floors flow throughout, so James can use his skateboard to get about.

There were balloons, gifts, a “Welcome Home James” cake, and a buffet table full of food.

The fridge was also fully stocked, according to James.

Dan also created a GoFundMe for James, called “Let’s Make 2020 James Fox’s Best Year Yet”. The target was set at $13,000, but it has already surpassed $10,000.

James is now settling into his new home, and knows he has a lot to thank his friend for. He said:

“I love you, Dan, and I really can never repay the way you have changed my life with your kindness and generosity.”

You never know when a random situation could actually be the beginning of a twist of fate.

Thank goodness James met the kind stranger and accepted his ride that day, as it ended up completely changing his life. Let’s hope there are more acts of kindness on this earth.

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