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Dog chained her whole life cannot walk straight but only in circles

Dogs love their freedom, and so when they are kept on a chain all of the time, it can have deep psychological effects on them.

Fortunately, there are groups, such as Takis Shelter, looking out for their welfare.

The rescue recounts in a video a dog who was so used to life on a chain that she could only walk in circles when she was finally set free.

Dogs need to run free

For the most part, when dogs walk, they tend to do so in a straight line. But when they are left on a chain, physical ailments can result.

This is usually in the form of sores and broken skin where the chain has been rubbing, but sometimes it can have more far-reaching effects.

Suffering from complications of being on a chain for too long

Take Frida for instance. When she was found, she had been on a chain for most of her life.

Left to guard some unknown thing, she had to survive on dirty water and who knows how much food.

So, when rescuers from Takis Shelter showed up, she was understandably frightened of them at first.

Frida can’t help but walk in circles

She cowered in fear as the two men worked to free her. Finally, they were able to get her free from the post she was attached to. As the men walked her to their vehicle, they noticed something weird about her walk.

She seemed unable to walk in a straight line, preferring to walk in circles instead. Whether this was a result of being chained for so long or from another reason remained to be seen. First, though, her rescuers had to get her examined and treated.

Frida’s recovery

Fast forward and Frida seemed to be much happier. She was being well taken care of and even had other dogs to play with.

Most importantly, she was free to roam where ever she wanted without a chain attached. It would take some time for her to recover from her life on imprisonment.

Eventually, Frida was able to recover and is shown at the end of the video playing with some other dogs. Most importantly, she seemed to be able to walk in a straight line once again.

And while Frida’s condition simply took time to heal, other more serious conditions can cause a dog to walk in circles.

The most serious of these conditions is dementia which can lead to early passing of your dog.

And while there is currently no cure for it in dogs, you can take steps to make them more comfortable.

You can start by talking to your veterinarian.

Hopefully, dementia is not the diagnosis and their behavior is caused by one of many other reasons, including an ear infection or bodily injury, both of which can be treated by your vet.

You should also take your dog in for a checkup at least once a year.

Watch the following video to see this sweet dog’s recovery!

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