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Dog Farts In His Sleep And The Family Cat Is Not Impressed

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to sleeping in the same bed as someone else? Them kicking you in their sleep? Snoring, talking, or smacking (without knowing, of course) in the middle of the night? Hogging the blanket? Tossing and turning? Maybe even farting

Ugh! My answer is “Yes” to all of the above.

In one viral video, a sleeping, gassy canine was definitely not pleasing his bed buddy, a cranky cat.

What happens at the end of the video is absolute gold (and semi-relatable)!

So, at the beginning of the video clip, a brown dog is sleeping on his side with a huge smile across his face.

Not far away in the same bed is a beautiful, gray-and-white cat looking off in the distance.

The cat already seemed a little ticked. Look out for the extended left arm as a way of defending itself, the kitty is already in fight-or-flight mode.

Many cat owners would probably interpret the body language of this cat as angry, irritated, or on-edge. In other words, the cat is saying, “Stay away!”

But, here’s the good part, or in actuality, the part that the cat is not too happy about.

A loud fart lets loose! Right away, the cat turns to look at the dog in absolute disgust, furrowed brows and all.

Uh-oh! This can not be good. There’s no taking it back now, though.

Believe me, the ending is NOT what you would expect! A good seven seconds later, the cat finally decides to make a move on the pup (probably because the smell has surfaced).

The canine, obviously not aware of what he just did, got swatted multiple times by the cat!

The dog quickly wakes up from a deep sleep after getting slapped, looking more confused than ever before.

Part of me is laughing; another part of me feels so bad for the dog.

While a majority of us wouldn’t slap, let alone wake up, our partner if they tooted in their sleep, I think many of us can admit that when we’re not in the mood, even an unintentional nuisance can make us extra grouchy.

To see the farting dog footage for yourself, make sure to watch the video below.

Trust me, it will have you pressing that replay button over and over again!

When you’re finished watching, why not share the video on Facebook to give your family and friends a chuckle?

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