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Dog sees man running toward toddler and jumps into action to protect him

Dogs are said to be man’s best friends, but they are way more than that – they are also our protectors.

Nothing feels safer than having a capable dog in your home.

This is the reason why the police are training dogs to become full-fledged protectors.

During these uncertain times, we would never know where or when an attack would come.

There are even crimes happening in broad daylight. That is why having an extra protector would reassure people wherever they are in public.

Besides, it is more than difficult for a lone man to chase a criminal that already has a 100-meter head start.

Dogs are trained to be able to do this thing, as well as handy police jobs like bomb and drug detection.

Aside from working for the police, your dogs could be your family’s personal guard

Whenever you are out on a stroll in the park or have a family picnic with your kid, anything can happen even after only an instant when you look away from your child.

Bad people are lurking everywhere, thus, we need an extra hand (or paw) to chase away potential dangers.

This little simulation in the park will help you see what it’s like for a family to have a trained dog.

This little family is having fun playing in the park.

Two kids are playing catch on the blanket that is spread on the grass while mom was holding their toddler sibling.

The mom suddenly has to let the sisters look after their little brother as she goes away for a moment to catch a phone call.

However, the two were too occupied with their ball that they lost sight of their brother.

A strange man suddenly ran after the isolated toddler giving the parent no chance to react.

A man in black appears out of nowhere and casually approaches the little toddler who was strolling all alone.

The attempted snatching happened in an instant that everyone had no chance to react to it. However, that is when this unbelievable thing happened.

A dog runs to apprehend the potential kidnapper.

Just when the man almost had his hands on the toddler, a large dog runs straight towards him.

Immediately, the dog leaps on the range and attacked the suspicious person, helping the little kid run back towards his family.

The brave dog pins the man on the ground, refusing to let the man catch his breath with his strong grip and quick responses.

This will certainly give the family enough time to get the kids away from the area and call the police.

Don’t worry, this is only a staged act.

K-9 Defense is a well-known canine training organization in America. They provide various dog training like police, military, and even as home guards.

In the video, they had their staff be the decoy target for this training.

You don’t have to worry about the decoy being attacked because they are more than safe inside into what they call a “bite-suit.” They are professionals at taking a dog’s attack in many kinds of situations in their training.

If you feel unsafe, why not give them a call?

If you have a big dog companion at your home but still feel uneasy, it is best to have your dog undergo defense training.

Not only your dog could become actively disciplined, but they could also become capable protectors in your home. You could count on them to give the best training for your dog.

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