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Dogs wait anxiously for their homeless human owner to get out of hospital, are overjoyed when he returns

Some people love their dogs more than other humans.

The homeless owner of these four dogs had all but given up on people.

Luckily, the dogs were completely loyal to him.

It’s hard to imagine a living being morel loyal than a dog.

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a very important reason.

When a dog learns to love a human, their loyalty is unbreakable. This story shows that to be expecially true.

Cesar was a homeless man in Brazil who had been struggling throughout his life.

His family, friends and society had all turned their backs on him.

It seemed like no one was there for him in his hour of need.

The man found himself cast aside.

Cesar had had problems with depression and addiction.

And try as he might, he just couldn’t get out of the rut that he was in.

But when he was on his lowest rung, he found support from an incredibly unlikely source.

One day, when he was sleeping rough, a pack of four stray dogs came up to him.

These animals kept him company throughout the day and night.

Pretty soon, Cesar became a member of their family. Together, they would find food and keep each other company.

Cesar was still in a rough position, but thanks to his dogs, he felt as if he had something that cared about him.

But then one day, Cesar became ill. He kept on coughing.

He was wary of any and all authority, so he wanted to steer clear of the hospital. But his health kept on deteriorating.

Eventually, he realized that he needed medical attention. After all, if he couldn’t cope, what would happen to his dogs?

So Cesar and the dogs went to the nearest hospital.

The dogs went right up to the door, and Cesar told them to wait while he checked himself in.

And wait they did. In fact, they stayed right by the door, anxious for him to come back.

Cris, one of the nurses that was working at the hospital when Cesar came in, was amazed at the dogs.

They were desperate for Cesar to come back to him.

In fact, she took a picture of them waiting for his return, still staring in hours after he’d entered the hospital.

Cesar’s condition required a lot of examination, so the dogs were there for a while, eventually, they lay down and took a nap, but they still didn’t leave.

Cris also noticed that all of the dogs looked incredibly healthy for street dogs.

Clearly, Cesar put their happiness above his own. Every dog was well fed and had a thick coat of fur.

When Cesar had been treated, he came back to the hospital entrance in a wheelchair.

The dogs couldn’t contain their excitement at seeing him again. They leaped up and ran inside, hugging and kissing him.

Luckily, the nurses were able to refer Cesar and his dogs to an organization that helps the homeless find accommodation.

After Cesar’s hospital visit, he and his animals were able to get themselves sheltered permanently.

Things may still be a struggle for Cesar and the animals, but with each other, are sure to succeed.

If only other people could have helped Cesar and the dogs sooner.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that dogs are as loyal as they say should hear this story!

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