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Donkey’s emotional reunion with little girl that raised him proves animals have feelings too

The way he starts braying when he realizes it’s her. ??

If only animals could talk, maybe they’d say how much they missed us.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t express this kind of love and affection.

Animals, most especially those that we raised, will always have a special bond with us.

Much like in a video that has reached millions of views, a donkey wasn’t afraid to show its emotions when it recognized a very familiar face.

The beautiful moment shows a donkey reuniting with his best friend.

It would seem that the two haven’t seen each other in years until the little girl decided to pay her friend a long-due visit.

When they were young, the little girl left a lasting impression of friendship on the foal.

And after a long-time of being away from each other, no one knew exactly what the other would feel.

Good thing someone was recording when the reunion took place.

The donkey sprang out as soon as the barn gate opened. Then, as soon as their eyes met, the donkey can’t help but squeal in utter excitement.

One can assume that it’s only dogs that can feel longing just like this one and they’d be wrong.

This video proves that other animals can express the same feelings as well.

And while some of us think that this is rare, these kinds of moments are actually common.

In Thailand, a man returns to the elephant sanctuary after being away because of COVID-19 restrictions.

He stood in front of the mighty elephant herd that thundered towards him.

Then, as they came closer, the elephants started trumpeting. They surrounded the man to welcome him back to the herd.

It’s just one of the many reunions of man and beast.

These moments go to show that the animals were living with might have a deeper layer of emotions besides fear and excitement.

According to other observations, animals feel affection and more importantly, empathy.

Through these emotional responses, they get to express what they truly feel towards us and the people that took care of them all these years.

Just like in this video, the donkey was so overwhelmed with emotions.

Through its reaction alone, we can see that the donkey was pleasantly surprised.

The donkey can’t believe that the person who takes care of him is here to see him.

The donkey’s squeals softened when it received the hug from the little girl.

They cuddled for quite some time and the little girl was also generous with kisses.

The video has since become viral and we understood why.

“51 seconds of pure unadulterated love that should be watched over and over and over again…” one commenter replied to the video.

“I just watched this the umpteenth time and I’m not ashamed to admit my tears are flowing freely.

That donkey is literally crying with joy to see his girl!” said another. “Animals are so incredibly smart and empathetic!

They truly have souls and they remember everything.”

The video received over 4 million views since it was posted.

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