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Drumline gives show of a lifetime in video, and it’s only rehearsal

You’ve seen marching bands in action during school events or public parades, but have you ever watched a drumline performance?

It’s so much more intense than you think.

If the drumline in a marching band is responsible for providing rhythm, you can imagine how much more work goes into a performance comprised of solely drumline players.

In order to master a drumline routine, one must first learn the fundamentals: basic grip and strokes, posture and carrier adjustment, the heigh sysyem, timing, two height control and rolls, marching techniques, and more.

After all, you’re not just learning to simply bang on the drums while keeping in time with the others; you’re expected to deftly maneuver the drumsticks based on the tempo and overall routine while staying in-sync – all this and more while shuffling from one position to another.

To give you a glimpse of just how complicated it can get, the Bluecoats School of the Arts shared a rehearsal video of their exceptional drumline production.

The 2013 roster sure know how to set the bar high! Standing strong, each member could expertly produce rich and melodious sounds from the marching percussion instruments.

Each individual also demonstrated impressive poise and composure throughout the rehearsal no matter how intricate the routine got.

In fact, it was a warm up that could honestly pass for a show stopping performance.
You’ll appreciate how the theatrics involves intense facial expressions, too.

You have to have sharp focus to be able to keep up and amazingly enough, that’s what each member exhibited as they practiced.

No one missed a beat, cracked a funny facial expression, or stepped out of formation. It was sheer concentration at its finest and it resulted in a mind-blowing number.

Viewers were so impressed that they couldn’t help but express their admiration in the comments section.

“This gives a whole new meaning to look at the flick of the wrist. This drumline is on point.”

“Wow it’s awesome… I’ve never seen something so perfect and so coordinated. It deserves a little hand up… all because it’s incredible.”

“Paradise can be felt on earth by listening you. Great boys.”

“I’m from Baltimore and marching bands is what we do but this right here was 🔥 some of the best drumming I seen.”

As you watch the gentlemen of Bluecoats drum their way through the complex exhibition, you’ll end up wondering just who the choreographer is and how much work went into formulating such a production number.

Training the team is one thing, but coming up with a routine is another!

Drumlines are such crucial parts of marching bands that they’re given solo divisions just to be able to showcase what they truly bring to the table.

The infectious beat of the drums banging together in unison will leave you in awe. Drumline teams all over definitely paid their respects.

Hats off to the Bluecoats Drumline for their remarkable display of talent, discipline, precision, and teamwork!

Prepare to be mesmerized by the synchronicity and talent of the 2013 Bluecoats Drumline as you watch their warm up video.

Press play to enjoy the extraordinary drumline number.

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