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Elephant Best Friends Are Separated At The Circus And Reunited 22 Years Later

We all know that humans are capable of feeling complex and varied emotions.

We express pain, happiness, anger, love, sadness, and so much more.

Now, if you know anything about animals, and especially if you have a pet, then you’ll know that the same goes for our furry (and not-so-furry) friends, as well.

They know everything from sadness to nervousness, and pain and love.

There are many times when people question the validity of love, but this video proves that it really has no boundaries.

Love is love, regardless of who or where you are, and it is something that is shared between anyone.

In fact, animals are just as capable of love as any human, and you will see that love in action in the video below.

Two elephants, named Shirley and Jenny, met more than 20 years ago when they were both involved in a circus.

Shirley was in her 20s and Jenny was just a baby, but nevertheless, the two bonded like great friends with love that a mother would have for her child.

But after a few years together, the pair were separated from each other without the possibility of reuniting, until it was arranged for them both to be transported to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

The two elephants were introduced to each other once again with bars between them.

The workers at the sanctuary and others involved were skeptical at first, they did not know how the two animals would react.

But as the pair walked closer to one another, they miraculously recognized each other and began embracing in happiness.

They even began to bend the bars between them in order to get closer. It was a sight that was beautiful and touching and luckily caught on camera.

At the end of the day, they say that elephants never forget, and perhaps this amazing video is a testament thereof? Either way, it is an absolutely chilling video that will undoubtedly make you feel happiness and joy.

I believe in the power of love and how it can withstand anything that may come in its way, and this story stands true to that belief.

What did you think of the emotions that these elephants share? Did their story touch you? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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