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Family takes entertaining Christmas dance to another level

This really is the season to be jolly.

Forget what happened in 2020. Yeah sure, it wasn’t the best.

No need to go into further details because just around the corner is Christmas.

And you can bet that corner is decorated with cheer. Let’s be merry!

Dave and Callie Steuer are entrepreneurs and business minded people who instill positivity into everything they do.

They dream, they plan, and when they want it, they go get it.

And they pass that on to their kids.

Together with their five kids, this family makes sure they radiate all the positivity in the world.

So much so that they produce Christmas dance videos like this one. And it’s great!

Come they told me, Pa rum pum pum pum…

They’ve got Christmas themed pajamas and are not afraid to dance in them.

To the beat of Justin Bieber’s cover version of “The Little Drummer Boy“, the Steuer’s showcase their dancing skills for the holiday season.

Those Santa hats brighten up that huge barn they’re dancing in too!

It’s pretty obvious that both mom and dad with their kids have put a lot of thought in to this one.

It’s anyone’s guess how many hours and days they’ve spent rehearsing too. They even lip sync!

Say what you want about Bieber’s rendition, the Steuer’s still execute their very well rehearsed set of moves for each part of the song.

Dave and Callie are all about that positive energy and it shows in each sequence.

So much energy!

Dad’s got a drum too!

Like the lyrics that tell the story of the drummer boy who only had his drum when he visited the nativity of Jesus, the Steuer family chose to dance because maybe this is what they had to give.

It’s got hip-hop parts which the entire family dances to with lots of smiles.

There’s even an adorable puppy in one of the shots!

Dances range from a bit of gymnastics to hip-hop, ballet, and pop.

Plus big brother gets to carry out the rap parts.

They make use of the tree and presents too, really showing viewers that Christmas should be the best time of the year.

Seems like it was the kids who thought of this one though…

That’s alright though. Mom and dad are all about grabbing opportunities and being happy. Even mom says so on her website,

“Guess what? When you live YOUR PURPOSE, which is GRAND, then you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of and in the process serve and help those you love.

It’s true! Now is the time for YOU to embrace your life and claim your JOY. You were born for this!”

We all need that boost after this roller coaster of a year.

Take a page out of this family’s book. They choose to be dancing around and celebrating life and love. We should too.

Can you keep up with their energy? Watch this fun family below!

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