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Family thinks dad’s taking a normal selfie until Marine brother pops up in back

They had no clue their family photo would turn into a moment they’d never forget.

Not everyone is crazy about surprises, but they sure can lead to great memories.

Whether it be a birthday party or an engagement proposal – they tend to leave people with huge smiles on their faces.

Someone returning home unexpectedly is one of the best types of surprises.

Especially when they’ve been away in the military.

People surprising you by returning home is one thing, but add in the extra danger of serving in the military, and that makes for an even more emotional reunion.

It’s not unusual to find a video online of someone who’s been serving coming home to surprise their loved ones for this very reason.

And it never gets old.

The family in the video below has quite the surprise waiting for them, and it’s closer than they think.

To the right, you can see dad Erik, who has orchestrated the big reveal. Everyone else, on the other hand, is none the wiser.

Once the whole family is packed into the car and ready for a road-trip, Erik calls everyone to smile for a selfie. But there’s one person missing…

Poking his head up, without anyone noticing, is Lance Corporal Rowan, who has been away in the military for several months.

As everyone laughs and smiles, Erik says “Ah, wait Rowan, a little to the right…”. Meanwhile Rowan’s mom, Amber on the far left hears this and reacts “ROWAN?”

When they turn to see him, they all lose their minds.

They all begin screaming and become hysterical that Rowan’s actually there in person.

It’s clear that nobody suspected a thing, and it definitely takes a minute for them to even register what is happening. Rowan’s sisters in the back seats cannot handle their excitement.

Amber isn’t even able to look at him she’s so excited.

Absolutely overcome with excitement, she screams hysterically in the front seat.

I bet the last thing she ever expected to see was a hooded man popping his head up in the back of the car, much less her son whom she didn’t even know was back!

Rowan clambers over the seats to greet everyone.

Rowan and his great big smile waste no time in climbing over to give everyone a big hug.

It’s smiles all around when the screaming dies down as they all come to terms with the fact that Rowan has seemingly appeared out of thin air behind them.

But Rowan isn’t done yet…he still has to get up to the front to greet his mom.

Eventually, and with difficulty, he makes it.

Finally, Rowan makes it up to the front seat, and he can finally get his hug from Amber.

It’s obvious that there’s a lot of love in this family and it certainly is touching the hearts of the video’s viewers.

One person wrote:

“Awesome!! As a mom of a Navy Sailor, it is wonderful to see the homecomings!! It brought tears to my eyes!!”
Another commented:
“This is the best homecoming videos I’ve seen. LOVE IT. :D”

It’s no wonder why this homecoming surprise has over 5 million views!

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