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Father and son’s rendition of Everly Brothers hit melts Simon’s heart

Simon Cowell is responsible for the success of boy bands like Westlife and One Direction.

He is also known for judging vocal competitions and does not shy away from dishing out soul crushing criticisms.

Aspiring musicians have felt the looming gaze of Mr. Cowell. It’s either good news or bad news.

To impress Simon is to impress the world.

Britain’s Got Talent takes all the country’s best aspiring singers under one roof in the hopes of signing that deal and becoming the next big star.

A “boy band” consisting of a father and his three sons took to the stage and left everyone’s hearts melting. Including Simon’s.

The Neales formed when Laurie Neale suffered a health setback.

That’s when he realized that life really is short and he only had a little time left to realize his dream of singing with his sons on stage.

Now on stage, in front of Simon and his fellow judges, Laurie is a 60 year old man ready to do what he loves best. Singing. And it runs in the family too!

Laurie’s 3 sons realized that their dad’s health was the result of him working hard all those years to provide for them.

Laurie says,

“… And it really was a wake up call. It made me realize there’s more to life than just working.”

Good man. Your sons appreciate all your sacrifices.

His sons always liked singing, Laurie loves karaoke, and during family gatherings, they always end up singing together.

It started out as Laurie’s dream which eventually the boys wanted to do as well.

So they dress in nice suits, stand on stage with dad, and as introductions are made, they get ready to sing.

The song is ‘When Will I Be Loved?‘ by the Everly Brothers.

The moment they open their mouths, you realize that this quartet is more than just good looks. The blending is incredible!

No fancy choreography, crazy dancing, or wild gestures here.

Just pure talent for The Neales. Their sound brings you back decades when life was way simpler. Dad’s time.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams are stunned!

James, Dan, and Phil have those angelic faces fit for a 90’s boy band.

They certainly fit the image but the style is so unique. Dad must have been so proud during this whole act!

The camera moves around only to capture a massive standing ovation. Cheers and whistles fill the air and even the judges are stunned by what they just witnessed.

And what does Simon think?

“You know what, I absolutely loved that audition. Just to see you supporting each other and this fantastic bond, it was just amazing.”

There you go! And mom in the audience can’t stop crying. Those are her boys!

The Neales made it to the finals, finishing in 9th.

The best part though is that the nation fell in love with them. And dad? Well, his dreams just came true. Such a wonderful family.

Watch and listen to this amazing family quartet below!

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