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Fifth-graders wear onesies onstage for a skit the audience won’t forget

As parents, we often sit through a variety of school functions – some more painful than others. But we go because we love our children and desire to support them.

One of those many school functions we attend includes the annual talent show.

All parents believe their children are talented – but having to sit through a few renditions of the same card trick can be a bit much for even the most devoted of parents.

However, every now and again an elementary school talent school produces an act that everyone in the crowd will love.

No one could have guessed that two fifth grade girls dressed in onesies with strings attached to their onesie feet could have produced so much laughter and entertainment – but these two sure nailed the choreography and brought the house down.

The girls began their talent routine with the song “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas.

It’s a classic 1970s jam and every parent would have known the song. Kudos to their parents for ensuring these girls knew the song as well.

The performance begins with their very own karate moves and the crowd loves it.

You can hear the audience laughing along just as the girls are laughing at their own hilarious routine.

The part of the routine ends when one girl karate chops the other and a catfight begins. Very clearly a part of the act.

The next song to play is Pharrell Williams’ song, “Happy.” The song, released in 2013 for the movie Despicable Me 2 topped the charts at number 1.

The girls seemed pretty “happy” dancing along to this tune.

They even involved some fancy footwork in this part of their routine. It’s a can’t-miss moment in the show.

Now, this wouldn’t be a mid-2010’s moment if they didn’t include the iconic “Gangnam Style” by Psy.

The girls had to include Psy’s signature moves in their teeny little onesie sized bodies making his already funny moves even more enjoyable.

Now, like many fifth-grade girls, they too love the Queen Bey and obviously had to throw in some Beyonce.

The girls threw up their left hand for the signature “Single Ladies” dance moves that made Beyonce popular in 2008.

If you thought they were stopping here, you were wrong. They simply upped the wow factor by grabbing props.

Both girls grabbed the sunglasses they had conveniently laid next to them and rocked them for the latter part of their show.

The classic Soulja Boy song comes on. You know you want to sing along before we even tell you the song.


The girls “Crank That” to Soulja Boy, making their onesies swing in every direction to fit the signature Soulja Boy dance.

These two girls certainly knew how to entertain a crowd, and we hope they kept the comedy act up (but not in class).

Watch their adorable and funny performance below.

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