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Five dads light up stage with hilarious Christmas dance

When you think of the Sugarplum Fairy, chances are you think of ballerinas tiptoeing around a stage.

If you aren’t, there’s a chance you’ve seen this incredible dance troupe of dads strut their stuff before.

You don’t have to be a dance aficionado to appreciate that these dads have got what the kids these days call “mad skills”.

Their Christmas breakout where they go by the name “The Christmas Jumpers” was just the start for them.

A year after they made this incredible yule-tide dance, they hit the big time, getting to the finals of BGT under the new name “Old Men Grooving”, or OMG for short.

Good job fellas, clearly they’ve got the chops to wow a big crowd!

But let’s get into the festive frolic in question!

Their routine starts off pretty…routinely…

With just the Sugarplum Fairy playing and the troupe in starting position, you’d be forgiven for expecting to be bored out of your mind by a group of fellas wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and keeping their heads lowered. You’d be forgiven… but you’d be WRONG!

But then, they bust out the moves!

As it turns out, these middle-aged daddies have got more than a dab of swag.

They all bump in time, lockin’, poppin’ all but stoppin’, these guys are seriously impressive!

Not only do they move like they’ve stepped straight out of a B-Boy breakdance battle, but they really SELL it with facial expressions and theatricality.

Can I get skills like this for Christmas please?

No wonder these guys made it so far on the talent show.

They’re so creative with their routine.

Soon the music breaks out of the Sugarplum Fairy and it becomes a complete modern hip-hop style dance, complete with sound effects and break-downs.

One by one, they get their own time in the limelight.

It wouldn’t be a hip-hop dance without a few breakout performances from some particularly skilled dads.

They momentarily step out and stun the crowd with their own brand of showboating.

This dad is particularly good at popping his torso and pulling off those quick, sharp movements.

I’d love to see him in a good old fashioned dance-off for sure!

This dad breaks it down!

Now those are some unexpected acrobatics! Jumping around and breaking out some classic break-dance moves, he flaunts skills that would make any street breakdancer’s knees weak.

Somehow, these sweaters are seemingly less lame, and more like a cohesive dance troupe uniform.

This cheeky dad knows he’s got moves.

Look at him cutting shapes up on stage!

The best thing about this group of guys strutting their stuff is their confidence and the fact that they look like they’re having so much dang fun.

Finally, they all come back together to finish it all up. Once again, they throw all their energy into the routine, with bucket-loads of energy.

It is impossible not to want to get up and dance yourself!

I’m out of breath just watching them!

Watch the full video below to be wowed by these amazing dancing dads!

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