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Flower girl gives Dad hilarious rules so he doesn’t “embarrass” her

Every wedding has its own unique qualities that make it special.

However, most couples incorporate all the basic traditions.

You know, bride walks down the aisle, white dress, rings, reception dances, the “Y.M.C.A.” The list goes on and on.

A lot of us know what to expect when attending a wedding.

In case you don’t though – one little girl has the cutest explanation!

It’s a video that melted the internet’s heart.

Pastor Jason Lomelino was getting ready to attend a wedding with his family. He actually was the guy who’d be marrying the couple!

Now, since he’d done it before, you would think he’d know a thing or two about weddings. But Jason’s four-year-old daughter, JoJo, begged to differ.

Luckily, he took out his camera and captured what she had to say on film.

Dad needed some advice.

JoJo actually had her own big role in the wedding. She was going to be the flower girl! In the video, she’s all gussied up and looking beautiful in her red dress.

Before the family left, JoJo wanted to double-check one thing… That her dad wouldn’t embarrass her! According to JoJo, her father had no clue what a wedding looked like. So, she decided to give him a lesson.

He’d have to be quiet.

Most of us are pretty good about staying silent during wedding ceremonies.

JoJo knows this is proper wedding etiquette too. But she doesn’t think her dad does.

She adorably tells him:

“You have to remember what weddings look like so that you can’t talk to people, okay?”

He couldn’t call her name.

Apparently, JoJo had another thing she was scared Dad would do. She wanted him to know there’d be no yelling her name while she was on flower girl duty. I mean, how rude would that be?

She hilariously says:

“You can’t call my name when I’m gonna be walking down the aisle. No one can call us. Because we’re gonna be busy walking down the aisle.”

But what if he didn’t call her JoJo?

Dad tries to find a loophole and asks, “What if I just yell, ‘Princess!’” The look she gives is absolutely priceless.

Hopefully, Dad’s taking notes.

JoJo realizes that she’s gotta break it down for Dad, as he obviously has no idea how to act at a wedding. She explains:

“No, DAD! There’s gonna be a bunch of people sitting and then they’re just gonna hear us. Then they’re gonna be like, ‘Why were you doing that? That was dumb…”

She’s not done yet though.

JoJo continues to explain to her father why him yelling “Princess” would not be a good idea. Her conclusion is that he just doesn’t “understand weddings, at all!” Silly Dad…

It’s a good thing Jason was filming.

The video is so stinkin’ cute that he decided to upload it to YouTube, where it quickly went viral. It even was covered by TODAY, where one of the hosts thought she resembled a “mini Amy Schumer!”

Jason told Jukin:

“JoJo is so funny. I always wonder where does she get it from, both her mother and I are pretty mellow. JoJo has so much sass and attitude. Her mannerisms and lingo are so funny.”

Check out the adorable video below to see JoJo explain weddings to her dad!

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