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Four geese fall in love with grandmother, escort and protect her wherever she goes

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Did you know that geese are some of the most loyal animals in the world? These geese treat their owner like royalty.

Most people wish that they had their own bodyguards. Of course, the downside to bodyguards is that if you need them, you’re obviously someone who is at a high risk of attack.

If only there was a way to have some bodyguards without being at the constant risk of attack.

Well, it turns out you can have that with a squad of very unique bodyguards, who only need to be paid with stale bread.

That’s because one viral video has shown that geese actually make ideal bodyguards.

In the video, a woman has befriended a flock of four geese, and they are fiercely loyal to her.

The geese literally follow the woman everywhere she goes.

Sometimes, they will waddle in line behind her.

Other times, when danger could be lurking, one of the geese scouts on ahead. And if the situation seems especially scary, they try to form a protective shield around her.

The footage proves that the geese are doing much more than just following the woman randomly.

They are completely dedicated to her. If she stops, they stop. If she changes direction, they change direction and follow her. And if she runs, they run after her.

While the geese appear to have sworn an oath of loyalty to their human, they still like to have fun when they can.

For example, the woman often likes to go to the beach and paddle in the sea, which obviously the geese enjoy too.

The geese are definitely defensive. If they see a person get too close to their human, they chase them off.

And if they pass a dog, then they squawk at them until the dog’s owner has no choice but to change course.

The geese live with the woman in her home. She often keeps a door open for them to waddle inside and outside. The woman also has a pet dog.

The geese are friendly with this animal (although they certainly are keeping an eye on him.)

There is one major issue with the woman having the geese defense squad. She runs her home as a rental cottage.

So when some new guests check in, the geese always treat them as intruders.

However, if the woman tells the geese to calm down, they do hold back, just about.

But how did the geese come into the woman’s life?

She has explained that several years ago, she had a brain hemorrhage.

For the next three months, she was unable to speak.

She then befriended the geese. The animals didn’t judge her for her impairment.

Instead, they could tell that she needed support.

By the time that the woman was healthy again, the animals had already fallen in love with her.

This footage then appeared on YouTube, where it soon went viral.

So now you know that if you ever want some extra security, instead of buying a video doorbell, befriend a flock of geese instead!

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