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Frightened little girl talks to neighbor on video doorbell after running from bobcat

Despite some controversy over the use of doorbell footage and other neighborhood privacy issues, Ring – the video and audio doorbell makers – have gone on a marketing blitz to show people just how helpful their product can be.

The company now has a YouTube page full of videos starring neighbors, children, and even pets and pizza delivery people all caught on camera.

(Then of course there are the porch pirates and other ner do wells).

Taylor’s dilemma

In a video surveillance clip posted to Ring, a little girl goes to her neighbor’s house for help.

It turns out that 7-year-old Taylor got quite a fright and wanted to seek shelter.

But no one was home.

Taylor lives in Arizona and while she was out on a bike ride, she spotted a bobcat roaming around the neighborhood!

She frantically rings and knocks, scared to death that the animal is going to attack her. Poor kiddo!

Not home but able to help

Unfortunately, the neighbors weren’t around to let her in. But because they get a notification when someone rings the bell, they were able to access the video footage from afar as well as the speaker.

That means they were able to talk to Taylor using their phone app as she called out for her mommy.

As the little girl cried and shrank towards the door, the neighbor tried to put her at ease.

“I’m on my way home right now. I’ll be out soon. Okay?” the friendly voice said.

But Taylor is not ok with the delay.

“No, please come open the door!” the girl begs. “There’s a bobcat and I want to come in.”

Alas, she’s going to have to wait one more minute for the adults to get home.

Frankly, it’s a bit hard to hear the terror in her little voice. She really does think she’s in danger.

Calming from afar

The neighbor assures her that they’re coming to help and that she should stay right near the door.

“I really want to come in because…I don’t know where my mom is,” Taylor cries.

And while we can’t see the bobcat, it seems like Taylor still has eyes on it.

It sounds like mom is back home, but the neighbor knows that it’s safer if the little girl stays right where she is instead of going out to risk an encounter.

She tells Taylor to stay on the porch and assures her once again that they’re very close by and will help her very soon.

It’s heart-wrenching to hear Taylor agree to stay and still call out “I want my mommy.”

But the neighbor does her best to calm her down and makes sure her daughter, who is with her in the car and also talking to Taylor, doesn’t hang up on her.

They also agree to call Taylor’s mom for her – after all, we don’t think the little girl is going to walk home with anyone but mommy at this point.

It’s all ok

At the end of the video, the car pulls up and comes to the 7-year-old’s rescue. The neighbors are now home and plan to get Taylor inside ASAP and then call her mom.

We have no doubt she’s grateful for the assistance and, in this case, the surveillance on the doorbell worked in her favor.

You can scroll down below to see the video for yourself.

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