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Funny boxer talks back to her mom when she makes her leave friend’s house

Dogs come with their own little human traits that we all learn to love.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a physical feature, for others it’s their attitude. For one dog, that human trait was a streak of stubbornness that got her in some serious trouble!

When one dog in Oklahoma decided she wanted to visit her neighbor’s house, the video documentation of the event shows us that it didn’t go as she planned.

“Come on let’s go,” dog mom Brittany says as she pulls her car into her neighbor’s driveway.

Brittany’s dog, Daisy May, has been going to her neighbor’s house repeatedly. When she is found out, she doesn’t even act ashamed, she acts stubborn!

The cute dog never wants to leave, even though Brittany usually lets her play (the neighbor is a friend) all the way until dinner! When she goes to pick up her dog, Daisy is NEVER ready to go.

As Daisy gets into the car, it’s clear to see that the pooch is not happy, and she hangs her head and keeps her tail between her legs as they begin to drive.

Brittany then begins to jokingly scold the pup, and Daisy’s reaction is too funny.

The stubborn pooch huffs angrily and whines repeatedly as her beloved neighbor’s house gets further and further away.

“You know you’re not supposed to be here right?” Brittany tells her pooch. “And yet you come over here every day.”

Daisy hangs her head, but we don’t think it’s in shame, otherwise, she would stop doing it!

“This isn’t your house,” Brittany continues.”You need to stay home with Mac; he’s your friend. You leave him there by himself all the time, every day. And then we have to come get you when its time to eat dinner.”

We aren’t sure who Mac is, but it makes sense that he’s probably a sibling that Daisy wants some away time from.

As soon as his name is mentioned, Daisy acts like she’s heard this tired argument before:

“Daisy I’m talking to you. Why do you do it every day? You leave Mac alone by himself and then you get mad at us when we come get you. Why don’t you like staying home?”

The hilarious pooch continues to hang her head. It appears that she’s conflicted over the situation and is feeling a mix of shame over being caught out and defiance over wanting to go back to her neighbor’s house and not hang out with Mac.

“We like it when you’re home. We miss you!” Brittany concludes. “Just say you’re sorry.”

Daisy finally gives a whine, but we aren’t sure if that’s just backtalk or a real apology!

When Brittany posted the video on YouTube, she incredibly garnered 2.1 million views!

People just love watching how stubborn this little pup can be. Every day they go pick her up and every day she argues with her parents. That is one funny dog!

Check out the video that showed the world how stubborn Daisy can really be!

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