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Garbage man arrives with birthday cake for 100-year-old woman and she is overcome with emotion

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Ben always made sure to spend time talking to Mercy on his route.

When she was about to turn 100, he knew he had to mark the occasion.

The highlight of Ben Bird’s week was chatting to Mercy Ballard.

He had been a garbage man for many years.

And one day, he started talking to the kind old lady, Mercy, who lived at one of the homes on his route.

Mercy would always look forward to talking to the nice young man.

Every Thursday, he would arrive and walk up her path. Ben would say, “Where’s my favorite lady?” And then Mercy would open the door to talk to him.

“I empty the bin, come back up, and then we have 10 minutes, don’t we, just to talk.” – Ben Bird talking to ITV News.

One day, she mentioned that she was in her 90s.

Ben said that he would have to sing Happy Birthday to her on the day that she turned 100.

The years passed, and Ben was happy to see that Mercy remained in good health.

Finally, she revealed that her 100th birthday was approaching.

Ben knew he had to keep his promise. He also started planning a little extra surprise.

The day of Mercy’s 100th birthday arrived. Ben went to a local bakery and picked out a cake.

Finally, he decorated it with candles that showed Mercy’s age.

Ben and some of his colleagues then arrived at Mercy’s home. They lit the candles and approached Mercy’s door.

Mercy opened the door, not sure what was going on. The garbage men started singing Happy Birthday.

Suddenly, Mercy understood that Ben had gone above and beyond.

She found that she was crying. It was such a nice gesture.

Then Ben walked up to Mercy and asked her to make a wish.

Specifically, he requested that she should wish to live to 105. Her response to this was a simple, “Shut up!”

Mercy blew out the candles with one breath. Clearly, she was still pretty strong considering her age.

Luckily, one of Ben’s colleagues was filming the moment.

They then uploaded the video online, where it managed to gain over 4 million views.

A local news crew arranged an interview with Ben and Mercy.

The unlikely friends sat on Mercy’s sofa. Behind her was a birthday card from The Queen.

(They are British, and in Britain, when you reach 100, the Queen sends you a birthday card.)

Mercy told the interviewer that she was so full of emotions when she saw Ben on her birthday.

But that much is obvious from the footage!

“There ain’t many young men that takes interest in an old woman. He’s such a lovely lad” – Mercy Ballard talking to ITV News.

Their interview also appeared online, where it has shown others how to be kind to one another. If only more people were like Ben!

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