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Giant Bear Naps On Woman’s Lawn After Chowing Down A 20-lb Bag Of Dog Food

I tend to have eyes too big for my stomach. I always have.

As a kid, and into my adult years, I’ve acquired this habit of putting just a little too much on my plate.

As a result, I usually eat too much. I hate throwing out food and think it’s wasteful, so even if I took too much, I’m going to eat it all.

Much like this mischievous bear who had no idea what he was in for when he spotted the jackpot.

His eyes are clearly way too big for his stomach. Although he left some food behind, he did a really good job of eating most of it. I think hibernation is coming early for this bear.

At home in a neighborhood in Seminole County, Florida, USA, a homeowner was in for the surprise of her life when she stumbled upon an unusual situation.

She contacted Bob Cross who often deals with nuisance critters.

But, when he came face to face with the homeowner’s situation, he reasoned that this problem was a little out of his league.

In the backyard of this woman’s home was a disgruntled bear tossing and turning, in and out of sleep.

“That’s a big bear. That’s a huge bear!” says Bob. He edged up closer to the animal and snapped a few pictures of the burly intruder.

And right beside him was a 20-pound bag of dog food that he dragged in from a neighbor’s property and brought with him under the shade of the tree.

Bob was in for quite the funny moment because after the bear ate as much as he could, he couldn’t quite find a comfortable position to get into.

Just like a human after eating a huge meal, the animal was writhing on the ground, digesting his meal.

Finally finding a comfortable spot, he managed to fall asleep! “I can hardly lift that!

That’s pretty heavy!” says Art Fisher about the bag of dog food that belonged to him.

Art ran back out to get it and lock it up inside his garage to prevent the bear from coming back for seconds.

The poor guy definitely got more than his fair share of food!

Imagine walking into your backyard to find a big old bear sleeping and starfished after a huge meal?

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