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Giant furry dog abandoned on streets melts hearts seeing snow the 1st time

When you fall in love, distance doesn’t really matter!

When this dog was found on the streets of LA, Hope For Paws took him in and hoped for his adoption.

What they didn’t realize at the time was that it would require some flying to get him to a new family!

Hope For Paws got a call for an abandoned dog in LA.

Driving out, the team knew a bit about what they were going into.

The caller explained that someone had abandoned a “gentle giant,” and he was wandering around. When the team pulled up, they jumped to action.

A huge black dog was easily visible on the sidewalk.

A dog as big as this one was pretty easy to spot on the streets of LA.

It was clear what breed it was, even from the car. One of the rescuers even said, “Oh, it looks like a Newfoundland” when they spotted him.

The human duo didn’t seem worried about being around such a large dog, especially one that was referred to as a gentle giant.

Loreta, the woman, came prepared to woo the dog with food!

If there is one thing that always gets a dog on your side, it’s food! Strays are usually in dire need of it and can’t resist some pets while they chow down.

While Loreta gave the dog some cheeseburger, a few people walked up and started talking about another dog in the area.

Apparently, the Newfoundland had a friend that was nowhere to be seen.

Since it didn’t look like they could find the other dog, they focused their efforts on the one they did have.

With the “magic cheeseburger” and Loreta’s lucky leash, they soon had the dog literally eating out of their hands.

From there, it wasn’t a far leap to take the dog to their car to get back to the shelter.

With the dog fully cooperating, they even decided to give him a name – Everest!

Taking Everest back to the shelter, they gave him a proper checkup.

After a bath and some more food, Everest was as happy as could be.

He was exhausted from his time on the streets and fell asleep in the rescuer’s laps!

The big dog was really just a huge cuddler. The next step? Find him a home!

The team got an adoption application for Everest in their email and knew it was a match!

Hopping in an airplane, the same two rescuers (Loreta and the man filming) brought Everest to his new home, Oregan!

The snow and forests look like a paradise for a fluffy dog like Everest, even from the airplane.

When Everest met his new family, it was an incredible match!

Bonnie and Clyde, the family’s two other dogs, immediately accepted him into the pack!

They were so big that they even made Everest look small! He had some catching up to do.

Frolicking and running in the snow was going to be so fun for the big dog!

The family had some incredible plans for their new family member, too. He was going to be a service dog!

With a temperament that was as perfect as Everest’s, they knew that working as a service dog at a children’s hospital was perfect for him. Now THAT’S a cool story!

Check out the incredible rescue in the video below!

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