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Giant husky adorably plays with her toddler twin siblings

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Huskies are incredibly loving dogs.

These twins know that their husky sibling is always ready for some fun and games.

What could be cuter than two twin toddlers? The answer is two twin toddlers playing with their husky elder sibling.

Some people think that it’s dangerous to have large dogs around children.

But most dogs form strong, loving bonds with their human siblings.

Sure, dogs can have some initial jealousy. Yet that soon passes.

Once a dog is used to a baby, they become the child’s loyal friend and protector.

Hailey and Kaylee are two twin toddlers who have only known their husky sibling, Juno, to be a great companion.

Juno is always keen to play with the twins, and she loves seeing them grow into little people.

One video really showcases Juno’s love. It begins with Juno lying down between the two toddlers.

Both of the kids try to pet her. Juno looks from one child to the other, with love radiating out of her eyes.

As one of the twins keeps on tapping Juno’s head, Juno extends a paw to the baby’s head, as if to say “I can play at that too.”

Then the dog sits up and looks at one of the twins. She smiles as she does so. She must be thinking of how much the babies have grown already.

The video cut out there. But luckily, the siblings’ dad uploaded it to YouTube. It soon went viral.

To date, the footage has gained over 1.3 million views. It also has more than 10,000 likes and 400 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Amazingly, Juno is friendly with basically every animal that she meets.

When she was just a little puppy, she loved playing tug of war with her ferret sibling.

She must have been overjoyed when she could tell that her mom was carrying a child and then super overjoyed when the mom came back from the hospital with not one but two human baby siblings!

Juno is not at all unique in being a husky that’s great around children. In fact, huskies are among the most kid-friendly dogs on the planet.

Sure, they look fierce, but in reality, they are gentle giants.

Huskies are blessed with even temperaments, meaning that they rarely get angry.

They also have a pack mentality without a territorial focus, meaning that they love socialization with strangers and familiar faces alike.

Another bonus with huskies is that they’re highly intelligent animals.

So it takes very little time to train them to act appropriately around children.

Of course, there are some common-sense safety measures that all parents should take when their child is around a dog, regardless of their breed.

For instance, you should never leave a young child around a husky without supervising them and never allow a child to walk up to a husky that they do not know.

Huskies also like to playfully nip at people and other animals.

Most owners train this behavior out of their huskies, but it’s important to be aware that some huskies will do this.

After all, a playful nip can be well and truly scary for a toddler!

But one thing that Juno proves is that not only are dogs man’s best friend, but huskies can be kids’ best friends!

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